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How to personalize your ‘website pointer’ or ‘url’

The ‘url’ (Uniform Resource Locator) is the website address you see on the top of the browser (example You can promote your ‘url’ through social media or share it to your friends or relatives, so they too can enjoy the benefits of Laminine by ordering online. Shipping and handling will be done by the parent company, LifePharm Global Network.

✓ What are my advantages in doing this?

1. Any purchase made through your ‘url’ entitles you to rebates or commission.
2. Use this website as your ‘online business address’ which you can promote through social media or by sending the link as an email.
3. If you come across someone interested with the product, you can easily share your website. Personalize your name or add your photo.
[message type=”information”]START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS: You can start your own online business with little effort and no joining fees & no hidden agenda. All you need to do is to promote your url. If someone buys Laminine through your replicated website, you can earn rebates or commission. This will be reflected on your EWallet. You can use your earnings (EWallet) to buy Laminine or withdraw the money through your local bank or credit card*.[/message]
* Withdrawing your commission is not available in some Asian and European countries. You can use your earnings to buy Laminine through ‘place an order’.

Visual guide

personalize laminine website
Personalize your website pointer, photo, name or contact number
change website address
Promote your free replicated website (url). Let others order using your account and get rebates.

We can help you personalize your website address or ‘url’ (example – or you can do the following:

STEP 1. Login to your account (Use ID number and password created when you were making the intial order)
STEP 2. Click ‘Enter my Virtual Office’ and go to ‘Settings’ > WEBSITE
STEP 3. Go to Website Address and click VIEW
STEP 4. Change your USERNAME
* To access your replicated website, affix your ‘ID number’ or ‘username’ to “” or login to your account.

✓ What else should I concern myself with?

● Optional Fees as a member

Some Laminine customers that reorders online would rather use the ‘BUY NOW’ option (instead of ‘JOIN’), many are uncomfortable with membership commitment. With LifePharm Global Network, there are no hidden fees and membership fee is optional.
(A) Annual optional membership fee which you can opt out.*
(B) Virtual Office PRO optional upgrade.
[message type=”information”]If you have chosen to make a career by selling Laminine, you can do more by upgrading your Virtual Office and renewing membership fee which entitles you to more bonuses and commissions. If you are just starting, you don’t have to avail of these fees or upgrades.[/message]

● Autoship or monthly regular purchase

If you decide to promote your website url, your own customer network may grow in 6 months to 2 year’s time. To maximize getting overriding commissions, you must maintain your acccount by buying 1 to 2 bottles/boxes of Laminine each month. If you do not maintain your account by buying regularly, you will still get a ‘direct rebate’ each time someone uses your website url to buy an Activation pack.

● Get in touch with us

If you signup under Althea Group, we can help you start your online shop. Click here to send us an email.

→ Click here to know more about Laminine selling technique
→ Click here to download the How you earn by selling LifePharm products
→ Click here how to get discount in form of rebates, commission, or bonus.

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