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Selling Tips & Techniques

Tips on how to start your Laminine store:

1. Get to know the products

What is Laminine?

What is Laminine Omega?

What is Digestive?

What is Immune?

2. Read the following articles:

Laminine Quick Review
Benefits of Laminine
Clinical Studies

3. Set-up your Social Media Campaign

  1. Personalize your website URL that you will use to sell products online.
  2. Set-up your own Facebook Like Page, Twitter, Pinterest, and assign/create your official email (ideally a Gmail account).
  3. Submit your contact seller information and photo that we can use to publish in our country-specific page or website.

4. Buy your stock (Optional)

There are 2 ways to sell the product:
1. Buy and sell (buy a package and sell it as retail).
2. Use your free website to sell online.

You can stock by buying a Family Pack (9 + 1 FREE) or Edge Plus (36 + 4 FREE). This is like buying Laminine at a wholesale price since you get additional FREE boxes + rebates. You can sell your stock as “retail price” while at the same time getting rebates for the stocks you ordered.

5. Get listed on www.AltheaDistributor.com

If you registered under Althea Group, please submit your IBO number, contact seller information and a photo that we can use to publish in our country-specific page or website. Once we have verified your account if, under our team, your link will also be listed on the website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a top priority of Althea Group. As an Althea Premium Member, you can be listed in our directory which will include your direct URL link.

6. Aim for a Premier Rank

After your first 2 downlines, continue adding direct downlines until you have 10 heads. As a premier, your commission for each new downline increases from US$11.25 to about US$23.50 (additional matrix bonus, depending on your status). You can add more direct members (heads) under you to increase your income potential.

If you are no longer interested in adding new members, your account will still earn from overrides (residual income), just maintain it by purchasing 1-2 bottles/boxes each month. You can set your order to automatic-order (auto-delivery option)

→ Click here to know more about your Virtual Office.

Laminine Premier IBO commission rate

IMPORTANT: Your first 3 downlines are important. The Matrix Tree is like an inverted pyramid, the rest of your downlines will be below these 2 accounts. They will get overriding commissions. Each level will get overrides to up to the 12th generation. However, the third account and beyond is considered as “infinity deep – infinity wide” which means you can still get overriding commission beyond the 12th generation.


These are just some of the many ways to earn from Laminine. To know more, watch the video on the Compensation Plan. Depending on your network, it normally takes 6-12 months to experience a good income. An average Laminine IBO can get US$100 per week, while an average high earner gets US$1,000 to US$2,000 per week. A platinum director gets at least US$5,000 per week.

Laminine bonus & commission

Member’s ranking

  1. Premier Status
  2. Silver Director
  3. Gold Director
  4. Platinum Director
  5. Titanium Director
  6. Diamond Director
  7. Royal Diamond Director
  8. Aim for Global Pool

8. Get more resources

laminine resources virtual office

Get more help by going to your “Resource” tab in your Virtual Office

STEP 1: Log-in to your Virtual Office
STEP 2: Go to the top menu and locate Resources on the right column
STEP 3: Choose your Resources options

Get marketing materials from our DOWNLOAD page

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  1. please send me your email ID and contact number or some one who i can speak with to help me build my team as I get started. I live in Abuja Nigeria, How can I make and receive my orders

  2. Hi there
    I would like to become a distributor in the uk Manchester. Can you send me details regarding cost and options.
    Many thanks

    • Hi, we sent you an email re: membership or distributorship. Please let us know if you still have other questions. Depending on the country you are ordering from, shipping fee is approx. 10-15% of total cost. For Philippines, LBC delivery is free for 3 boxes/auto-membership.

  3. Hi I want to join your group< I am base here in New Zealand, Can you let me know the cost and delivery. Thanks

  4. Hallo






    • Unfortunately, LifePharm has no information as to when Egypt will be open for direct delivery. It is difficult to send a product to Mid-East countries because they have strict customs and religious law. What you can do is to send it via regular post office, minimum of 3 bottles (DHL has a lot of requirements if you use them).

  5. Hallo bitte von Life Pharm Global Netzwork
    bitte Werbung Schicken wie Video Berichte Bilder
    jeden Monat

    ID: 15136119

    Danke schön


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