Testimony of Nancy Andujar – Overcoming the Appalachian Trail

Laminine Testimonial of Nancy Andujar


Overcoming Obstacles with Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++*

Beyond the Frame is about the adventures of Nancy Andujar who obtained the last jewel of the Triple Crown, the Appalachian Trail, on her 56th birthday in October 2014. She had completed the Pacific Crest and the Continental Divide Trails when she was 18 and 19 years old.

Outfitted with a “go-pro,” Nancy recorded her six months on the Appalachian Trail, her many challenges and triumphs, despair and joy, and ultimately, survival and completion of the Triple Crown.

We will be sharing different segments of her journey with you. This is the first in our series:

“Historically I had problems with my knees. I’ve had dislocation problems, problems with ligaments. I can tell the weather by my knees. When going down a mountain, the banging on the knees is really hard.

“My husband [LPGN Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar] had told me about Laminine, so I thought if it helps, that’d be great. I didn’t know how I would do, but I wanted to try and go for it. I was so grateful and surprised that a lot of my usual symptoms didn’t occur at all. I don’t feel I conquered the mountain, but I endured.

“I’m amazed and grateful that my body didn’t feel the discomfort I usually feel during these long hikes. I didn’t bounce like an 18-year-old and I was mentally focused on foot placement, but my body felt good. Once I lost the weight, I felt 18 again. What’s amazing is that my body doesn’t feel damaged at all. I usually feel damaged and need a lot of recovery time. This time I only feel a little achy.”

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