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Laminine on Osteoarthritis Joint Pain

Effect of Laminine on C-Reactive Protein that aids joint pain

Laminine has a significant effect on the C-Reactive Protein or CRP. Being a systemic marker or predictor for inflammation (such as in patients with osteoarthritis or arthritis conditions), CRP appears elevated in inflammatory conditions, such as body aches. Thus, the “marker” moniker.

Being a predictor of progressive disease for osteoarthritis, Laminine did a minor study to test if the supplement has a positive effect on joint pain (arthritic condition).

Previously, there have been unsubstantiated claims that Laminine aids or prevents degenerative joint pain, but a broader clinical study has yet to be done.

The current testimonies, although inspiring, do not have enough whitepapers to support the claim. However, a recent study on the lengthening of the “chromosome cap” shows how Laminine can help ease joint pain.

RESULT SHOW: 4.5 Reduction in CRP marker after taking Laminin for 4 weeks.

CRP Marker Results

CRP values were significantly reduced in subjects consuming 2 Laminine daily for an uninterrupted period of 4 weeks. What this means is that having a reduction of CRP results in improved pain maintenance of osteoarthritis symptoms.

However, the initial result only reflects those having mild to moderate conditions. [See dosage]

DNA protective strand cap

Significantly, Laminine helps restore lost telomere. A telomere is a cap at the end of a chromosome, the protective strand of DNA.

The older we get, the shorter it becomes, but studies show the ingredient blend of Laminine can assist its regrowth.

Study shows Laminine helps lengthen the telomere again, that in turn help reduce joint pain or discomfort. To eliminate body aches and joint pains, it must begin on a DNA level, and Laminine does the job.

A telomere is a cap at the end of a chromosome. It’s a protective strand of DNA. Losing telomeres as we age contributes to aging and increased joint pain.

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