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Laminine Powder – Egg protein enhanced with spirulina

Laminine Powder – Mixed egg protein enhanced with spirulina

laminine powderLaminine Powder is a special dry food powder formulation that contains highly nutritious components of an egg protein combined with spirulina. Laminine Powder is a convenient daily supplement as it can be added to any kind of food, especially soups or a milk substitution drink for those who has lactose intolerance.

Laminine Mixed Egg Protein with Shark Cartilage is ideal for children and adults who want additional nutrition. It was created for two main reasons:
1. As protein drink that you mix with water, much like how milk powder is drank.
2. Dish enhancer that makes food taste even better.


Laminine Mixed Egg Protein contains egg powder, shark cartilage, peas, spirulina, and silicon dioxide.

How is it different from Laminine capsules?

Laminine capsules (original) is pure Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) that is extracted from a partially incubeted chicken egg on the 9th day. Laminine powder contains highly nutritious egg proteins (not FAEE), derived from the same process after, but does not have FibroBlast Growth Factor (FGF). Both Laminine (original) and Laminine Powder look the same, but the potency of Laminine Capsule remains intended for cellular repair, while Laminine Powder is intended as nutritional supplement.

Who should take it?

✓ Children from 1 years old and above.
✓ The elderly or those who have low appetite.
✓ Anyone who is sickly and has compromised immune system.

What are the health benefits of Laminine Powder?

Laminine Mixed Protein Powder rejuvenates cells, gives you energy, and improves sleep, appetite, and skin. In addition, Spirulina extracts is added to provide additional benefits for the immune system and a myriad of health benefits from taking Spirulina. These combination sets the stage for Laminine Powder as the world’s most nutritionally complete superfoods that anyone can take as part of their daily food diet.

Dosage & Direction for use

For children, take 1 heap teaspoon and add it to any cooked meal. For adults, take as much as you want. As healthy drink, take 1 scoop (.62g) with 200 mL of water (preferably cool or tap). Stir well and drink.

laminine powder egg protein spirulina content
Suggested use only. Available in Indonesia & Philippines only

Other uses

Laminine Egg Protein Powder was formulated as a nutritious protein drink. It is also recommended as food toppings to any type of dish. It helps the food taste better and add protein-rich nutritional benefits, specially for growing children.

You can use Laminine Powder as an alternative to cheese or add to any type of soup or sauce. The powder is intended to be eaten as is, do not mix while cooking the food.

How to buy: Laminine Powder will be formally launched in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines later this year.

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