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Laminine Side Effects & Complaints

Nine possible side effects of taking Laminine food supplement

No long-term adverse effects or drug interactions have been reported for Laminine in the last decade since its release. However, some users may experience expected side effects or healing reactions.

Healing reaction

The body’s response to rapid changes or healing, known as a healing reaction, is characterized by various symptoms that typically last for a few hours to a week.

These symptoms may include rashes, pains, or dizziness, among others. These symptoms occur as the body works to rid itself of toxins and restore balance.


Complaints and side effects based on our direct-customer survey:

1. Soft Bowel Movement

Some customers have reported having a soft bowel movement during the first few days of taking Laminine. This side effect is more common among those who take Laminine for cancer or when they have an infection.

Clinically, this may occur as cells or organs react to specific proteins that promote the purging of waste cell matter.

Also, some people may have lactose intolerance, leading to mild diarrhea, as NCBI noted. It is advisable to avoid consuming oily or fatty foods if you experience this side effect.


2. Sleepiness

Some customers have reported feeling drowsy after taking Laminine; we have received at least three complaints. These individuals were experiencing extreme fatigue due to stress and elevated cortisol levels.

Laminine helps regulate cortisol levels, so the brain signals the body to rest, which can cause temporary sleepiness.

Cortisol plays a role in regulating our wake and sleep cycle, as noted by WebMD. Once the recovery cycle is complete, the effects of Laminine shift towards improved mental focus and acuity.


3. Body Warming

New users of Laminine may experience a rise in body temperature due to improved blood circulation. Laminine stimulates adult stem cells which enhances blood circulation and increases activity levels.

For example, a patient with a blood infection or low blood count takes Laminine, the FGF signaling protein can work almost immediately, resulting in a warm sensation.


4. Slight Pains or Twitches

Customers with severe organ damage or infection have reported experiencing mild pain in the affected areas when taking Laminine, a normal side effect of cellular repair.

Most complaints are from cancer patients, especially those with kidney, lung, and colon cancer.

The activation of stem cell components by FGF can potentially result in a mild sensation of discomfort as it initiates the process of repairing the injured organ.


5. Egg Allergy & Rashes

The most common side effects we had were mild rashes on the arms of people allergic to eggs. However, the allergic reaction outweighs the benefit of taking Laminine.

Others have experienced watery or itchy noses that eventually disappear after a few weeks of taking the product at long intervals.

A person with an egg allergy may take one capsule of Laminine once a week for a month or with longer intervals until tolerated. People allergic to yellow peas or sea plants should avoid the product. [Laminine Dosage]

Itchy skin

Sometimes, an itchy sensation may occur while taking Laminine, indicating an allergic reaction rather than a healing response.

In such cases, limiting consumption to one capsule per week is recommended until the itching subsides.

Individuals with acute kidney, liver, colon, or metastasized cancer infections may experience a healing reaction while taking Laminine. This type of Laminine side effect can be likened to the “herxing” response, but it is not the same.

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6. Drug or Medicine Interaction

No known contraindications or drug interactions are currently associated with Laminine food supplements. You can use a drug interaction checker for possible medication interactions, but note that Laminine is not a drug.

Consult your doctor about Laminine to ensure safety while taking your current medications.

If you are taking Laminine OMEGA Plus and Digestive Plus supplements, wait at least 2 hours before or after taking a medication.

If you are under an antibiotic regimen or retroviral drugs, you can take Laminine after 30 minutes of taking the medicine.

Generally, there is no contraindication with drugs or medicine. However, if you take oil-based vitamins or supplements, it is discouraged to be brought together unless during mealtime.

Reaction with Antibiotic

If you are taking antibiotics or retroviral drugs, take Laminine after an hour of taking the medicine. The combination of Laminine and Digestive+++, a probiotic and prebiotic supplement, is ideal for a person taking this drug.


7. Increased creatinine in CKD patients

In late-stage kidney disease, creatinine levels may rise, typically indicating elevated protein levels and kidney failure.

Some individuals have attributed this increase or surge in creatinine in their kidneys to using Laminine, a protein.

Laminine contains amino acids, which are essential building blocks of proteins. However, this type of protein is crucial for synthesizing and repairing kidney cells and counteracting the excessive proteins found in a fatty or damaged kidney.

Typically, any increase in creatinine levels due to Laminine usage is temporary and lasts 1-2 weeks. In some cases, there may be no noticeable increase at all.

Patients can reduce their intake of Laminine from 1 capsule a day to every other day until their bodies can tolerate it.

We had a customer suffering from kidney failure who took nine capsules daily. The creatinine spiked, and he experienced dizziness; the dosage was lowered to half.

The dosage can be set low from 1 to 4 capsules per day instead of the recommended dosage of 4 to 9 capsules per day for patients who prefer a less aggressive approach.


Creatine is essential for repairing damaged tissues in chronic kidney conditions (CKD), but excessive supplementation can worsen symptoms. Gradual minimal intake is recommended for recovery. [NCBI]

8. Soft Bowels & Protein Intolerance

Customers with inflammation or infection may experience a soft bowel movement during the first week after taking Laminine.

This may be due to a reaction of cells or organs to FGF proteins that promote the purging of waste cell matter.

It can also be a form of bile acid diarrhea or lactose intolerance. Avoiding oily and fatty foods and drinking plenty of water is recommended to alleviate this. This effect is a result of detoxification. [NCBI]


9. Upset Stomach

Some customers reported experiencing stomach upset after taking Laminin, but this can usually be resolved with a meal containing carbohydrates.

However, for those who are lactose intolerant, this may not be effective in reducing stomach discomfort.



Laminine is generally considered safe and has no known contraindications or interactions with other medications. However, as a precaution, taking Laminine at least 30 minutes before taking any medication is recommended to avoid any possible interference with absorption. Taking Laminine on an empty stomach is also advisable to maximize its benefits.

For Laminine Omega, a fatty acid supplement, caution should be taken with other products like Orlistat (Xenical, Alli). Orlistat can block the absorption of dietary fats, which may reduce the absorption of fatty acids in Laminine Omega.

Therefore, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before taking Laminine Omega if you take Orlistat or any other medication.

Taking fish oil with this weight-loss drug might decrease the absorption of fish oil fatty acids. You can take Laminine OMEGA two hours apart. Also, a fish oil supplement may reduce Vitamin E levels. [Mayo Clinic]


Herxheimer reactions happen when bacteria release toxins faster than the body can handle. This process usually lasts a few days until the toxins are eliminated from the body, causing patients to feel worse temporarily.

Laminin has not been reported to cause Herxheimer reactions. However, some individuals may experience mild joint or muscle pain, temporary skin rash, or low-grade symptoms.

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    • To date, we have not received any adverse side effects. Some may experience soft bowel for the first 3 days (way of detoxifying) and joint pain in some parts for a week (Amino Acids are working in the muscle joints).

  1. Is Laminine safe for people with High Creatinine Levels ? Amino Acids are protein and protein residue is creatinine. Will Laminine not cause higher creatinine levels ?


    • Yes there are instances when Laminine will result into a higher level of creatinine because laminine has its own protein. However, this is normal and within a week, the levels will subside, when Laminine protein begins to neutralize the body. You can liken it to having good cholesterol, where Laminine stands as the “good protein”.

      • Hi, Laminine is good for Kidney TRANSPLANT, I was a Kidney Transplant since 2001 but right now my kodney transplant is getting worst my creatinine is gone up to 560. I just want to ASK to your Doctor if I’m allowed to take Laminine. Thank You.

        • Anyone in this condition can take Laminine. Although it is also a kind of protein, it can cause a temporary increase in creatinine. The protein in Laminine is needed to repair cell tissues or organ. The best is to ask your own doctor and direct him/her to pdr.net

  2. My mom is dm type 2 insulin dependent, liver cirrhosis, increase creatinine, increase cholesterol, low wbc, rbc, platelet count and as undergone mastectomy and under lots of meds. Wed like to try it for her. The dosage is still the same? No side effects n drug interactions?

    • Laminine is 100% food grade – no interactions, unless patient is allergic to egg. We have several testimonies on diabetic patients, liver, kidney problems. Laminine works by repairing damaged cells and balancing certain hormones while providing the nutrients the body need to heal itself. You can research on FGF, Laminine’s core ingredient.

  3. My partner has postpartum depression and anxiety. Can she take Lamanine while still breastfeeding our 6 month old son, and will it help?

    • To date, there are no fake Laminine in the market. However sellers in Ebay or other “selling portals” are not authorized. LifePharm Global only authorized Laminine sellers on-line or in many cases direct or personal selling of the product.

      • I was diagnose with parkinson disease and I’m taking medication for my parkinson. And was wondering if I can take the laminine medicine with my parkinson medicine?

          • hi. my mom has parkerson disease and it appears she is coming close to the end. she can not swallow and is receiving nutrition by a picc line. how can i get laminine in her? is it too late for her to even try it? I’m really desperate. please respond. if it is too late, i will just have to accept it, eventhough it’s hard.

          • Laminine may still help if she is weak and may help in her focus, but what she is now may likely remain so because brain damage is usually irreversible. There’s nothing much you can do and pray for a miracle of course. Although Laminine is known to affect cells/nerves, we do not have a testimony on late stage Parkinson’s. Most take Laminine as preventive but not cure to Parkinson’s because as mentioned, the brain damage is usually irreversible.

  4. What can you say about another article of dr sakula or something like that that says your product laminine does not really work

    • It is natural that many so called advisers or even doctors would quickly comment on something they do not fully understand, for the sake of website rating. Laminine has doctors on board and physicians who highly recommends Laminine to their patient.

    • Bad tummy meaning you experience soft bowel? Yes this is normal, a way of detoxification. It usually lasts a few days and its actually a good sign, your body is responding well to the healing processs

  5. Yes I fully agree, I also read that article about Dr. Bill – I would have believed him if he has outlined the clinical studies of Laminine, but he just made it look beautiful to sound credible… he doesnt know what he is saying!

    • Yes, we have a lot of cases of cancer of the Lungs. We recommend Laminine (original formula), for stage 4, she should take Laminine minimum of 6 capsules per day at least, for 3 months. If there’s great improvements, she should continue Laminine for life, at least 3 capsules per day.

    • Laminine has been tested to affect (rapid) muscle healing particularly for muscle tear or damage. But since Sarcopenia is age related, it can be helped or improved but not totally heal it. However, the energy boost that Laminine can give (an elderly), can help a lot (specially with muscular therapy). Laminine has also been tested to affect brain functions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, it’s an ideal supplement for these type of degenerative diseases.

  6. Hi , where can i buy laminine original formula in philippines, my mom has stage 4 lung cancer and her bone are very weak. Pls help me ……

    • To order Laminine in the Philippines, you can order online (credit card payment), bank deposit, or visit the business center in Robinsons Center. Please text 09255338815 for more information.

  7. i am taking laminine for 1 week now , and i experience hips pains today. is it normal? or just wrong dosage ? by the way i have a papillary carcinoma and my dosage is 3 capsules per meal

    • Yes it is a good sign that Laminine is working. It’s called a healing reaction when a person with severe cellular damage may experience pain. It means its starting to work. You can lower dosage to 2 capsules 3x a day if you feel you can’t handle it.


    • It’s called healing reaction, yung suka nya are toxins. Kung hindi nya kaya at mabilis ang healing reaction, bawasan mo muna ang dosage sa 3 per day. Sino ang nag-recommend ng 15 capsules?

  9. my mother has parkinson’s disease. she often feels weak at lightheaded, as if her head is spinning. before, lagi din sya hinahapo. she’s been taking 6 capsules a day of laminine for almost 1 month now. although hindi na sya gaano hinahapo ngyn, ndi pa rin nwawala ung lightheadedness nya which is what makes her situation difficult. how lng pa po kya b4 sya mka experience ng relief d2? also, she has a hard tym passing stool, a side effect of her medication. can laminine help with that too? tnx!

    • Treatment for lightheadedness depends on the underlying problem. Is she talking at least 7-10 glasses of water? or does she always stand or have poor posture? Depending on the cause, some diseases or sickness takes more time. Re: bowel movement – did she experience soft bowel movement on the firs few days? – then became constipated again? Does she eat enough fiber or fruits each day?

  10. hello! My 6 years old daughter was diagnosed of Medulloblastoma a type of brain cancer. Tumor has been resected. By now she is under going a chemotheraphy treatment 16 cycles and we are now on the 6 cycle. Is it ok if my daughter will take Laminine while on chemo?

    • Based on direct testimonials, if the patient is under chemo, the recovery is slower because “cell repair” becomes a tug-of-war in between chemo. However patients who took Laminine immediately after the session experienced faster recovery in terms of energy and vitality. Yes you can give Laminine before or after the chemo. When her chemo cycle is over, we suggest to overdose her with Laminine food supplement. From experience, ADULTS who took at least 9 capsules for a month had their cancel cells diminish to 50-90%, depending on the type of cancer.

  11. I actually felt better. Thank you! It addressed my sleeping problems. But lately I noticed it’s not making me sleep like it did before? Is it the dosage or have I becomed immuned to laminine?

    • Consider your other activities which has affected your sleeping habit. However, you really do not need to increase your dosage if you’ve experienced better health and sleeping habit already. It is probably just a temporary phase.

  12. What is the dossage for patients who are undergoing dilaysis? Aside from that there are some blocks of the cardiac arteries of my father’ how can laminine help him?

    • We recommend 1 capsule Laminine Omega in the morning and 2 capsules Laminine original before bedtime for 1 to 2 weeks. If the creatine level improves, you can increase up to 6 capsules for 1 to 3 months. Maintenance of at least 2 capsules after.

  13. Hi. By far, I am not sure if I am allergic to eggs, I eat one boiled egg with my breakfast,no reactions, but still I am hesitant to take laminine. I mix low fat milk in my oats only and not drinking it straight, because of hernia 2mm and multiple prolyps in my stomach that might make me bloated, I have blood pressure meds of 2.5 (concor) and 40mg (mircadis) capsules, and Thyroxine of 75 mg. I have antihistamine tabs after dinner due to rhinitis once heartburn from stomach acids attacks.

    Can I take Laminine to get rid of this heartburn and hernia and to remove this prolyps?

    Thank you.

    • I think Laminine may help you but you need to take at least 1 Laminine Omega (am) and 2 capsules at least for Laminine Original. Since you have medications, you can take Laminine anytime but give at least 2 hours interval. We currently do not have a direct testimony on hernia but yes for heartburn.

  14. Good day!
    is Laminine good for a patient who has a half body paralyzed due to a mild stroke. he could not walk nor stand couple of months ago.

    Please let us know how laminine can help him. Thanks.

  15. Hi, I am suffering from menopausal syndrome, in addition, I stopped my medication for depression in December 2012 which makes it even more difficult to bear. Before I took Laminine, I have been taking supplement for menopause which I bought from Healthy Options. Can I take Laminine in the morning and the supplement Menopause Formula in the evening?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • Yes you can take these supplements, ideally 2 hours apart. However in your case, we would suggest minimum dosage of 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast, and 1 capsule at bedtime. The ideal dosage is actually 3 capsules per day. Laminine will help with the depression (raising your serotonin), and aid you with a smoother journey with the menopause, as Laminine has been seen to positively affect hormonal balance as well.

    • Hi I’ve been taking Laminine for a couple of months now two reasons mainly for taking it menapause and sleep problems what I’ve noticed my joints are now aching and I’m having o take a sleeping tablet at night as well as the laminine because without it I couldn’t sleep and my mood is very low I’m feeling awful please advise me what shoul I do it feels worse than it did before I’m taking one capsule in the morning and two at night

      • This kind of effect shouldn’t be. It’s actually our first time to hear something opposite of its effects. You should, in fact, experience the opposite. Better sleeping patterns, better mood, and lesser joint pains. If you are taking other supplements or medication, it will be best to stop taking Laminine for now. Although there are no known contraindications, except when you are allergic to eggs.

    • We have several testimonies on patients undergoing dialysis. According to our first hand testimonies, creatinine levels improved after 6-12 months, while the dialysis was reduced to once a week. We do have a few testimonies kidney recovery.

  16. The father of my friend has diabetes and because of that his kidneys were affected. His doctor said that the kidneys are dark; the diagnoses is that he will not be able to make, but he is taking medication only for the sake of prolonging his life. Can Laminine help his case? If so, what will be the dosage?

    • For diabetes, he can start with standard 3 capsules per day and increase in 2 weeks to 6 capsules. Also dietary peptides from Laminine can stimulate the production of growth factors/insulin growth factor.

    • Yes, we have someone in the Philippines. She is 45 years old and was deaf since childhood. Took Laminine for a different reason, but apparently a nerve in her brain got healed which caused to regain her hearing

    • We dont have a testimony in the Philippines for Hepa B, however since its a liver issue, Laminine has been proven to help fast wound (internal or external tissue) healing. Therefore it will help a lot in terms of faster recovery and repair of the liver.

  17. Hi,
    Just a question…my sister has a stage 4 breast cancer….after successfully completing her first sets of six chemo early march this year she feels well…but just last month in her xray results showed that the cancer had spread into her lungs and she was advised to have again another sets of six chemo….while waiting we gave her laminine and she been taking 4 tablest a day (2am & 2 b4 bed) them for almost 4 weeks now….she is doing well….

    • Lung cancer spreads faster and 4 capsules may not be enough. We had a similar case of the patient feeling better, however after another set of chemo, the body was not able to cope up, even if he taking Laminine. While we do not recommend stopping the chemo, it is an option you might want to consider and ask your doctor. You can consider our doctor recommended dosage which is at least 9 capsules for advanced stages of cancer, at least a month just to see the improvements. You can also tell your doctor about Laminine & FGF, and mention it’s PDR listed.

  18. I had hep b and i have known this last 2010 until now it is still reactive. I have fatty liver now can laminine help me cured my liver diseases pti hepa b k kht chronic n? Pls respond i am worried.

  19. Mejo overweight nga ako. I am now taking med for my fatty liver and supplement to boost my immune system. If after a month ngtake n k laminine ilan capsules n itake k per day? Straight b isa bwan un pgtake kc my nbsa ako n after 2 weeks of taking laminine mgrest muna ng 1 week after ult nun ska resume pgtake bt wid lower dosage.

    • Yes, you can take Laminine at least 3 capsule for fatty liver, straight since you have a health condition. However, you need to lose weight. If you continue your eating habit, the healing process becomes slower.

  20. Ang papa ko since june sya take laminine, once a day lang, masasabi ko naging okay yung kidney nya, kasi di na sya bloated, at hirap umihi///

  21. Hi Althea Group: Puede po ba ito sa sakit na COPD and Emphysema? My brother has been suffering from COPD in years. If it can help him, pls. tell me where to buy and if you can give me the dosage needed too? Also, I was advised to undergo surgery for Spinal Decompression (L4-L5) due to Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spondylolisthesis, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis of the Neck C2,3,4. Please advise me too if I can use this Laminine? Thanks you po and more Power!

    • Yes, we have a testimony in the Philippines for COPD and emphysema. You can order online (credit card) or pay through bank deposit – pls. text us at 09255338815
      For osteoarthritis, Laminine can provide relief, but depending on the severity, an operation will do it faster.

  22. gudam!pwede po ba ito sa goiter?im scheduled napo kasi for operation pro gusto ko gamot nlng po sana..meron din po bang retail na laminine?kc mabigat po sa bulsa ang mahal maxado

    • Pag malaki na ang goiter, better pa operahan para mas mabilis matangal at mas mura lalabas. Madami ka kasing kailangan i-take na Laminine pag goiter, then you can take Laminine para mas madali full recovery.

  23. Γεια σας.Ζω στην Ελλάδα .Πώς μπορώ να αγοράσω και να είμαι και μέλος??

    • Για να γίνετε μέλος: Αγορά 3 μπουκάλια λαμινίνης. Laminine price for Greece is more expensive because of additional shipping and handling. Please email us your delivery address or click here to PLACE ORDER

    • As safety precaution, you need to ask your OB first and refer her to PDR.net for the prescription of Laminine. Laminine is safe for everyone, unless the person has egg allergy. We have pregnant women who took Laminine as food supplement and the effect was very good.

    • Yes we have several testimonies on Laminine that worked against prostate. You can take 1 to 2 capsule Laminine Omega in the morning and 2 to 3 capsules Laminine Original at bedtime. Take the high dosage for a month and have a check-up after.

    • The sleepy side effect is normal if the person needs a lot of ‘repairing’. It’s your body’s way of saying to rest. This will last for a few days only. Make sure you drink a lot of water, to flush the detox

    • You can take Laminine at 1 capsule every other day or 1x week until you become tolerable. The allergic reaction can be overcome by slow intake. The benefit out-ways the process of adjusting to the side effect for those with egg or chicken allergy.

  24. Good evening Sir/ Mam, can Laminine Original or Laminine Digestive +++ cure my Xerostomia?, Is there an Egg Powder Extract on Laminine Digestive +++?

    • We currently do not have a direct testimony on Xerostomia, but since Laminine is an ‘intelligent’ supplement, you can try it for at least 3 weeks to see if it can affect your salivary glands. Laminine has a stem-cell like behaviour. Digestive is really more for better food absorption and balancing of the stomach, this is ideal for those who have difficulty absorbing the nutrients.

    • Yes, Laminine is a food supplement – it’s like eating a concentrated amount of nutritious food + the proprietary OPT-9 that contains Fertilized Avian Egg Extract which contains FGF.

    • Colon cleansing only works if the person maintains a strict diet to prevent Xerostomia. This include eating more vegetables (dark greens) which actually does the cleaning of the colon already. Popular colon detox may not always work if the person goes back to meat diet. Dark green vegetable diet should be at least 50% of daily diet, with at least 8 glasses of water – this is enough to detox your colon.

  25. hi my mom had breast cancer before pero ngpaopera n sya and ng chemo theraphy nrin po she was already cured for 4 yrs now pero ng pacheck pero ng pa-xray po xa because she is experienced cough and heavy breathing ung result po is metastatic lung disease and pleaural thickness effusion po ang sbi po mg pachemo po xa ulit pero ayaw n po ng mom ko kasi di nya n daw po kakayanin pg ngtake po xa ng laminine ilang dosage po per day dpat? thanks po

    • Dosage depends on the cancer stage, you can follow the recommended dosage for cancer patients which is 4 capsules to 9 capsules per day. Try it for a month and check for improvements. Continue dosage as needed.

  26. sa case nmn po ng adenomyosis ilang dosage po per day dpat makakatulong po kaya ung laminine para mawala ung adenomyosis? kasi po yaw ko nmn po ung option n magpasurgery kasi gusto ko muna po magka baby but the pain is getting worse po hbang tumatgal kapag dumdating ung period ko po.

    • Makakatulong ang Laminine sa uterus lining kasi mas mabilis nya mapapagaling yun. Kuya, at least 3 capsules per day. 2 in the am before breakfast and 1 capsule in the evening before bedtime. Pag nawala ng ang pain (usually in 3 weeks), pwede ka na mag maintain lang ng 2 capsules per day

    • Laminine is a food supplement for everyone in any condition unless you have egg allergy. As a general precaution please ask your OB if you can take Laminine. Based on our user-testimonials, there are nursing moms and pregnant women who takes Laminine as a food supplement, with their doctor’s permission. Please tell your Physician that Laminine is listed in PDR.net

  27. I bought 1 box of Laminine last year and the recommended dosage of one of the consultant of FRPI is 2 capsules, 15 mins. before breakfast and 2 capsules before bed time for 1 week. 1 capsule 15 mins. before breakfast and 1 capsule before bed time from 2nd to 4th week. But she said that the higher the dosage, the better result.

  28. Hi! My wife’s dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and cirrhosis. Can Laminine help on this case? Can you share a link to any related testimonials? Thanks!

  29. I have CFS and just started taking Laminine…2 before breakfast, and 2 before dinner. Is this the right dosage? I also take LDN (Low dose naltrexone) 4.5 mg at bedtime to keep inflammation down. I don’t have much energy to do normal everyday activities. When I overdo it I can’t do much for several days. Then I have flu like symptons and have to rest. I’m 68 yrs. with a very positive attitude. Has there been any success with Laminine for this
    condition? Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, Dr. Eskeland (egg researcher) actually recommends at least 4 capsules per day. There are no interaction with other drugs so it shouldnt have any problems with your order meds. 4 Capsules will give you the energy boost you need, and cell repair. You should start feeling better in at least 2 weeks. We’ve heard lots of success stories and testimonies on this already.

    • Althea Group have not received a direct testimonial on Endometriosis, however we were told of a 2 couples who had a baby after years… and they attribute it to Laminine. Technically, Laminine repairs or ‘fixes’ damaged cells or hormone imbalance. We believe it does have positive effects on a female’s reproductive health, if we will base it on the clinical studies on FibroBlast growth signalling factor

  30. I have hypertension and thyroid, can I take laminine together with my maintenance medicine? If so how is the dosage and is there any side effects?

    • Laminine has no known interaction with other drug maintenance. It is technically defined as ‘food nutrition’. You can start with 1-2 capsule at least 30 minutes before breakfast. After a few days, you can start with the recommended dosage of 2 capsule morning, 1 capsule bedtime.

  31. I have read that laminin (no ‘e’) has an effect on certain cancers where it promotes growth and spreading of these cancer cells. How is laminine (with an ‘e’) different? Different as in not only helping to heal cancer, but to not encourage the rapid dividing and spreading of cancer cells (and tumors)?

    • Laminin is part of our body (cellular level) that holds our cells together. Lamnine is a food supplement that contains an ingredient that has a stem-cell like behaviour to help the body recover from stress, cell damage (such as cancer) or hormone imbalance. FGF (Laminine ingredient) repairs the damaged cells caused by cancer

  32. Hi, i have adenomyosis and have been given a dmpa shot to treat it as i have a very large uterus. Can i take laminine while on dmpa? What laminine should i take and dosage. Thank you.

    • Yes Laminine can be taken with medicine/drugs, but should be taken at least 2 hours before or after. The suggested dosage for this condition is at least 2 capsules 30 mintues before breakfast and 1 capsule at bedtime. Do this for at least 4 weeks (to 6 months) to assess the effect on your condition. Hopefully, the stem-cell like behaviour of Laminine may begin to supplement your recovery.

  33. Followup question: Dmpa is depo shot which i get every 3 months to treat (i hope) my adenomyosis. Can i still take Laminine with that dosage while on this shot? Thank you very much.

  34. my mum was recently diagnosed with a cyst near her cervix. she is now eighty years old. the doctor said that she needs an operation but a lot of complications will take place. can laminine help my mum? pls advise..thanks

    • I would agree that it’s risky to let her undergo an operation. If the cyst is cancerous, Laminine may significantly help. She can take at least 6 capsules per day for 3 weeks and check if the size has began to reduce. If the cyst is mainly sebum (mainly fats and wax), the best easiest way is to surgically remove it. Laminine will also help your mother gain more energy and strength.

    • Yes. Laminine is recommended even for those who are already in dialysis. Minimum dosage is 2 capsules AM, 2 capsules at bedtime. We have had testimonies on patients whose dialysis was reduced to 1 x week, after 6-12 months of Laminine. The only report we have on those who fully recovered were those who were about to have dialysis.

  35. Hi,
    my mom has been a stroke patient for almost 5 yrs now and she already has vertigo. half of her body is paralyzed and has difficulty in speaking. Can she take luminine and how many dosage does she needs? I also have problem with my menstruation . I do have irregular period like i have it e ery 3 to 4 months. I wanted to ha e a baby soon. Will luminine helps?thanks.

    • For your mom, Laminine can help boost her energy and assist muscle development and nerve repair. She can take 1 capsule Laminine & 1 capsule Laminine Omega, 30 minutes before breakfast. 2 capsules Laminine at bedtime. Do this continuously for at least 4 weeks. You can continue this dosage as her maintenance after. We do not have testimonies for the irregular menstruation, but we did have testimonies on 2 females who was able to have a baby after. Laminine works on repairing damaged cells and boosting cellular health.

  36. Hi, my wife is 13 weeks pregnant and currently experiencing severe stomach pain. She is also unable to keep most food down. We have both been taking laminine for the last 4 months and have enjoyed some improvements in our physical and emotional state. However is it safe to be taking whilst pregnant? And if so at what dosage?

    • Laminine is technically food – there should be no side effects, unless the person has allergic reactions to egg. Otherwise, the severe stomach pain should not be related since Laminine is quickly absorbed by the body. As a general precaution, Laminine is not prescribed to pregnant women, although we have several (pregnant) users who still take it as supplement,specially those who were advised the need for nutrition supplement. For added peace of mind, please tell your OB she’s taking Laminine. Please show your doctor the Prescribing Information on Laminine. Click here to download Full Prescribing Info of Laminine.

      • My husband has hodgkins lymphoma. Have undergone chemo and radiation. But his tumor was not totally eliminated. Can he take this? Are there testimonies on this?

        • Laminine has been seen to work with cancer (stages 1-3). We do not have a personal and direct testimony on Hodgkin’s disease, but Laminine can help, especially with recuperation of damaged cells.

  37. Hi! I just recently purchased Laminine. I’ve been taking it for 4 days. I’m noticing some differences in mood and functioning but still can’t sleep well. Another issue I have is that I keep swallowing my saliva and sometimes feels like I’m choking especially when I’m driving (most likely anxiety related). Will the excessive swallowing of saliva and poor sleep improve over time while I’m taking Laminine?

    • It seems that your body needs more ‘repairing’, continue the standard 3-4 capsules dosage for at least 4-weeks. Your body seems to be reacting to a healing process and may need to rest for the most part. Your should feel the difference within 2 to 4 few weeks. If you have a serious debilitating condition, dosage should be increased. For your bedtime dosage, take 2-3 capsules of Laminine at least 2-hours before bedtime (there should be no food intake at this point). Please ensure you drink enough water.

  38. Thank you so much for the quick response! I notice especially when I’m driving that I’m always swallowing saliva. It is very scary and it feels like I’m going to choke. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. And also my sleep patterns are still a little off and I feel like I am waking up too early. Also I have one more question. Is it ok to drink tea during this time, especially black tea? Thank you!

    • Not sure if you’ve undergone a complete blood test (includes liver & blood toxicity tests), this may be rooted from other issues. Also, your black tea likely has high amounts of caffeine which will make it difficult for you to sleep. Most tea manufacturers do not list caffeine amounts on labels. Many opt for sipping warm water instead, to avoid caffeine.

  39. my right ovary has been removed because i had ovarian cyst on my right ovary..and now i feel my left ovary is experiencing the same..can i take laminine to save my left ovary does it help do you have any testimonies regarding the same case that i have.thanks

    • This is the first time we’ve heard of someone experiencing neck and chest pain. Unless you have damaged organs in these areas, there should be no pain. Although in some cases, patients undergoing dialysis and diabetes experience mild joint pains (or where cell repair is taking place), which lasts for 3 days to 2 weeks. If you’re still having problems with sleeping. Try taking Laminine at least 4 hours before your estimate bedtime (at least 2 capsules). Its possible you have a severe form of anxiety or severe sleep disorder.

  40. Hello! I’ve been taking Laminine for 18 months now.
    Twice I have had an itchy body. My thought is it is yeast
    related. I have just completed two weeks of granules from
    the Chinese Medical Doctor for yeast over-growth and lowered
    my sugar and carb intake dramatically. I was better. Now the itchiness
    is like it was before the granules and my “normal” level of sugar and
    carbs. Could it be related to not enough Laminine or an egg allergy?
    I have never had an egg allergy. I would appreciate any help you
    can give me. Thank you.

  41. Follow-up information:
    7 years ago I had both breasts removed due to cancer.
    One and a half years later a complete hysterectomy
    due to uterine cancer. I had 4 treatments of chemo
    for the first bout and 25 sessions of radiation for the
    second bout. I have lymphedema in my left arm and
    left leg which is manageable when wrapping and pumping
    my arm and getting exercise helps my leg a lot.
    Thought this info. may help you with my case.
    Thanks again!

    • If you’re not allergic to egg, the itchiness should not be related in anyway. The itchiness could be a side effect of your present health condition, and a form of cleansing or detox may help. A poor immune or your previous medications can also have these side effects. I assume you’re cancer free for more at least 5 years which is a good sign. Our doctors actually advice Laminine as a maintenance to help prevent cancer from going back. With the chemo treatments you’ve had, you need massive cell regeneration and repair. For your type of condition, you should take at least (minimum) 4 capsules of Laminine daily, and if you can, do not take any other form of supplement, just to rule out if you have allergic reactions to egg. Laminine will also help you with physical therapy. Lymphedema of course can cause itchiness, which is related to all the other things you may be experiencing. It would be hard-sell if we suggest for you to take more Laminine, but we think you should. Laminine was intended for cancer, and other benefits of Laminine (clinically tested) promotes healthier skin – which in turn may help the itchiness.

  42. I have a goiter and have tried a lot of natural remedies without success. It is getting larger and I would like to know if Laminine works to shrink goiters. I would also like to know what would be the dosage and how long are you supposed to take it. Thank you very much for your expeditious answer.

    • We have had testimonials on patients who recovered from goiter and thyroid related problems. Minimum of 4 capsules per day (up to 9 capsules/day) for at least 4 weeks, you can continue the dosage, depending on the improvement. Ideally taken on empty stomach, you can take it first thing in the morning before breakfast and at bedtime.

  43. Thank you very much for your response. I have had rapid heart rate when taking some other natural remedies so I stopped. Even when I took Iodine, it occurred. Has anyone with a goiter had this issue? If so, should I start with one in the morning and one at night?

    • Were you diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism? The rapid heart rate is usually related to this or if your supplement is rich in potassium, magnesium or comes from traditional Chinese concoctions. You should avoid Laminine though if you are allergic to eggs, otherwise you can immediately start the standard dosage of at least 1 capsule before breakfast and 2 capsules at bedtime. Doctor recommended is actually at least 4 capsules in your condition.

  44. I was told my thyroid labs were normal. I just want a resolution with this goiter. I was told I have 2 colloid nodules on the right side of my thyroid. I had 2 biopsies and they both revealed the same. Will Lamanine help me?

    • Yes Laminine have helped persons with goiter, but our testimonials on this is not first hand so I’m not sure how big the nodules was. You may try Laminine and observe improvement for at least 4 to 6 weeks at 4 to 6 capsules per day.

  45. I have Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis where my lungs have become inflamed and requires me to be on oxygen. I am also overweight at 350lbs. Will laminine help my lungs heal? If so what dosages should I take?

    Thank You

    • We don’t have a first hand testimonial on Pneumonitis but had testimonials on people with lung cancer. For your condition, taking Laminine will definitely give good results in terms of better handling of day to day activities or therapy. Laminine can also help in the repair of your lung cells, which in turn may help with the inflammation (as supplement).

  46. Thank You for your reply to the effectiveness of Laminine for Pneumontitis. Do you have a recommended dosage I should be taking?


  47. Hello! My child is 4 and half years old and he has autism. Do you know if laminine will help him? What is the dossage for this age? Thank you!

    • You may give half capsule (open capsule/powder form), place in a teaspoon. Kids love the taste. You can do this everyday or every other day as you see fit. Laminine helps a person or child to calm down and improve focus.

  48. Hello! Regarding my 4 and half years old autism child. Should I give him Laminine or Laminine Omega. Thank you for your quick answer!

  49. Hello everyone! I would love to write my comments about the product i discovered and my story .My name is Rafal and i am from Poland. My story begin 14 years ago when i started have serious problem with my skin. I suffered for atopic eczema which dad time i did not know. Some holistic therapies told me it was candida. For almost next 8 years i was treated myself as one who have candida, restrict diet no sugar ,no bread you can do some research on that it was not easy. I saw some results but only temporary. Then i met someone who told me i have atopic skin problem (atopic eczema) and gave cream which call protopic.I had miracle with these cream but it was only temporary. One i eat some think contain some artificial staff, sugar and when i was under stress and tired then I suffered a lot. My face was red. I had rush and i felt terrible. Now .Recently my friend recommended me this product and was sceptic at the beginning as i did not see results for the first 10 days weeks. I have been taking now for a month and must say I’ve never seen my face so healthy. I had only 2 small attacked of eczema. It happened after Easter time when i ate a lot of chocolate and cakes. After one day anyway my skin went back to normal. I recommend to everyone with skin problem.

  50. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Severe Aplastic Anemia in early 2014. I am transfused with 2 bags of red blood once a month since then (though initially with 5 bags). I was taking cyclosporine medication in November & ’til early January but had to be stopped when my creatinine level got very high. I decided to totally stop the medication because my creatinine level continues to be high until now. I had hepa B and A but are inactive but reactive. I currently don’t take any supplements and have been avoiding any pill because it causes phlegm dripping in my throat. Can Laminine help me heal all the conditions mentioned above? Do you have a doctor whom I can consult with and explain how Laminine can help me.

  51. Just been purchased for may son who diagnosed ALL leukemia na chemo na po cia pero nag active uli yong cancer cells nia ngayon ko lng cia napainom nang laminine pero sumakit yong paa nia magtatanpng lng po kung reaction lng po pa ito.?salamat

    • Side effect may include slight pains for cancer patients or people with severe cellular damage. This means Laminine is working in these areas (healing reaction). Your son has a severe condition and we would recommend at least 4-6 capsules per day for 30 days. You can continue high dosage as needed.

  52. Hi Althea Group.
    I’m curious to know if Laminine can help someone with adhd? If so, what kind of dosage?
    And what dosage do you recommend for someone with diabetes 2? ( my mom- she’s healthy and has low blood sugar levels but a bit overweight- she’s soon 70).
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Laminine has the ability to increase serotonin levels, giving someone with ADHD a better focus. Depending on the age, adult can take 3 capsules per day. For diabetes type 2, she can take the same dosage. 1 capsule of Laminine 30 mins. before breakfast and 2 capsules at bedtime.

  53. Its been 1 week na po ang anak ko umiinom nang laminine na diagnosed po cia na may leukemia at unang sign po may neck bilatral mass po cia na chemo po cia for 6 months tapos bumalik po it is possible po ba na lumabas ulit ang bukol nia dahil sa reaction? Salamat

    • Pwede bumalik, kaya pag sa Leukemia, mas maganda mag maintain ka ng Laminine. Pwede kang mag-consult sa doctor sa Laminine Philippines – Ortigas Ave. Please text 09255338815

  54. My mom has been taking laminine for 2 weeks already and when she had her lab result today, the doctor said she had high cholesterol. Is it the side effect of laminine because it is made from avian egg?

    • Laminine is not available in Vietnam, but we have LifePharm Independent Business Owner whom you can buy. Please send us a private email for details on how to order from Vietnam

  55. I suspect I received some sort of nerve damage from anesthesia in my spine 6 weeks ago, my symptoms are progressively getting worse, can this product help with nerve regeneration?

    • We have had testimonies on nerve problems, since Laminine can assist the body repair nerve (stem cell like qualities). You can start with at least 3 capsules for 2 weeks and increase as you see fit. Laminine is basically food, so the more you Laminine (FibroBlast growth factor), the quicker the repair will be. While Laminine is not intended to cure any diseases, it is proven to help with nerve and cell regeneration.

  56. i had a severe stressful event which caused my adrenal glands to stop functioning properly guess i leaded to severe adrenal fatigue still have strength but i am not so stable, guess the glands are not damaged but they are not producing enough hormones to bring me back to my normal life style does laminin help my adrenal glands to functioning properly again and restore my normal body functions please advice and how long it will take to completly recover and get back to normal thanks in advance

    • Laminine has the ability to improve or balance certain hormones. Although Laminine is known for its proven effect on wound healing (repair damaged cells), it also has the ability to produce the kind of amino acid your body will need to level poorly functioning organs (glands). Amino acids is the material used to repair these parts. The ingredients will also boost your energy, encouraging quicker self-recovery. Laminine has a stem-cell like (cell signalling) behaviour that we ourselves gets amazed at the level it helps people recover from a myriad of sickness. Laminine is not a cure but helps the body ‘cure itself’ through FGF (FibroBlast Growth Factor) and Amino Acids.

  57. my mother in law was in an accident 5 years ago. she hit her head but due to a badly broken leg they never noticed this until to late. there was a build up of fluid and pressure in her brain this has caused alzheimer’s. her condition has deteriorated rapidly over the past 2 years to the point where she can no longer speak coherently, no longer remember anything, sudden aggressive mood swings and is unable to care for herself in anyway. Could laminine help her at all and if so what is the recommended dosage?

    • Since Laminine has stem cell like qualities, it will help both her bones, nerves, and aged cell to proliferate. The only way to find out is of course for her to try it for at least 3 weeks, minimum of 4 capsules with this type of condition. Laminine also helps with hormone balance (mood swings). If the Alzheimer is advanced, recovery will be difficult.

  58. Thank you for your quick response and the ray of hope you have given us. i would like to ask which type of laminine you would recommend and when would be best to give them (ie 2 in the morning and 2 at bedtime or all at once). what changes should we look for and would it be better to give her more than 4 a day. thank you x

    • She can take 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and another 2 capsules of Laminine at bedtime. Some side effects may include soft bowel movement (detox process) and sleepiness for a few days or none at all. She should begin to feel the extra energy in few days days. You can increase dosage after a week as needed (no overdosing, Laminine is technically food).

  59. I am taking laminine 2 x a day. I had stage2A breast cancer in 2013. They are watching the size of a nodule in my left lung every year now when I sm having ct scan. Is my dosage correct? Do I need to take omega too? Thank you.

    • For cancer stage 2, minimum dosage is 4 capsules per day. If you want faster recovery, you need to increase dosage to 6 capsules at least. You can take Laminine Omega if you have cholesterol, uric, triglycerides & calcium issues.

  60. May hi blood diabetes at parkinson po ako uminom ako ng laminine umiinit ang tenga ko pag hapon bkit kaya

    • How long and how many capsules and how long are you taking it? Laminine can increase blood circulation (not the same as high blood) which can have warming side effects.

  61. Thank you for your quick response. How long will I take the 4 capsules of laminine per day? Do I take the omega with the laminine too? Will the liver not overwork for too much supplements? Thank you.

    • Laminine does not overwork the liver, in fact it helps maintain a healthy liver (drugs overwork it). Laminine is basically a highly nutritional & intellegent food substance. You can take it for at least 3 weeks. You can increase or continue same dosage as you see fit. Avoid if you are allergic to eggs.

  62. Halu ma’am does laminine can kill hpylori bacteria?coz I’m positive…and can laminine can make me gain weight I’m 30yrs.old 5″1 and my weight is just 41 so I’m underweight would laminine help me to gain weight thanks

    • Laminine does not cure H. Pylori infection, you need an antibiotic. What Laminine can do for you is to increase your body resistance to further cell damage (ulcer type), as Laminine is known to promote wound healing.

  63. I take bio identical thyroid and progesterone along with a homeopathic serotonin/tryptophan tincture… obviously from hormonal imbalance.. Nighttime, I take cortisol supplement along with zzzquil for sleep.. Just recently recovered from detoxing from the nasty medication, Trazadone which took about year to reduce… That was a nightmare!! Can I take Laminine along with any of these medications aside from Trazadone?

    • Technically yes, it is a food supplement and there are no interaction. However, based on user testimonial, you can take just Laminine at bedtime (at least 2 capsules). It is proven to reduce cortisol levels and Laminine is known to encourage better sleep. (increase in serotonin, naturally).

  64. My Father has clogged artery and last year he had to undergo a surgery caused by abdominal aneurysm..and now he has high creatinine he has many maintenance is it safe to take laminine with maintenance??It will affect his kidney??

    • We recommend Laminine Omega (1-2 capsules per day) for the clogged artery. It has been proven to reduce cholesterol, very good for heart maintenance. For the kidney, he should take Laminine (original). It works well with patients who has kidney diseases. Since Laminine is protein, the initial intake for a week may increase creatinine, but will go down after. The kind of protein Laminine has is needed by the kidney to help repair itself. Suggested dosage for your dad will be 2-3 capsules Laminine. However, for the first 2 weeks, he can just start with 1 cap Laminine Omega + 1 cap Laminine (original)

  65. My husband had stroke back in 2013 and has since been bedridden.. Lack of coordination, severe weakness on his entire leftside and closed right eye. Feeds on milk thru PEG.. Nothing can go thru his mouth n speech is gone. Can he take laminine? What the dosage?

    • Laminine is in capsule form, so you can open the capsule and include it in the PEG or feeding tube. Not intended for people with egg allergy. You can start with 1 capsule for 5 days and increase dosage to 4 capsules for 3 weeks. You can continue dosage by increasing it as needed. From testimony of patients in similar situation, they take 3 to 5 capsules as daily maintenance, since its basically adding high-nutrition to the diet (Laminine is taken from the Albumen)

  66. Hello mam/sir,

    I am married for 3 yrs. Have NO kids at all. Wanting to have but My problem is I have PCOS meaning absent/ irregular menstruation. Would you mind to let me know the kind of Laminine will I need take? What is its benefits too of taking it?? Thanks you. Pls reply

    • You can take Laminine (original) to help with hormone balance. We currently do not have a first hand PCOS testimony. Laminine works by repairing damaged cells or organ in turn and it affects some hormones in the body and bring it to balance. You can take at least 3 capsules for 30 days.

  67. Hi i take thyroid med & i took 4 Laminine for 4 months & now one in morning & one before bed. Have been on Laminine for 13 months now. Would love to go off my thyroid meds. Would i go off them gradually by taking them every second day & then every 3rd day & see how i go? What would be your advise & do you think laminine could have repaired my Thyroid?

    • If your doctor said your cured, there’s really no need for gradual removal of your medicines. Based on user testimonials, thyroid problems go away after at least 6 months with Laminine at 4 capsules/day dosage. However you should maintain Laminine at least 2 capsules per day as daily supplement.

    • We have heard reports on imbalance being relieved by Laminine but we do not have first hand information on this. If the tremors is due to stress, Laminine has been shown to help significantly. However we have had reports on nerve repairs (back and head pains)

    • Yes, Laminine helps balance hormones such as Serotonin and we have testimonials on depression, even mental issues and of course sleeping disorder. You should take at least 2 capsules at bedtime, and 1-2 capsules before breakfast.

  68. I have been diagnosed with final stage COPD and also have hypothyroidism, what can Laminine do to help me and what dosage would I use. Please respond ASAP. Thank You.

    • We have a first hand testimony on COPD, he was stage 4 and took 9 capsules of Laminine per day (3X day). You can do this for at least 30 days and check improvements. You may continue dosage to 3 to 6 months. Maintenance is at least 3 capsules per day with this condition. Avoid product if you have egg allergy.

      • Why does Laminine take so long to ship and get here??? You should make it so it ships in 2 business days or 1 business day???

        • If your delivery address is within the USA, delivery takes 3 to 5 business days, whichever is closer to California. LifePharm expedite shipping for 1-2 days is currently not available.

    • Yes, Laminine has studies on faster muscle recovery and boost energy (amino acids). You should take at least 3 capsules per day for at least 3 weeks. You can continue or lower dosage, as needed afterwards.

    • Yes some users can experience isolated pains not because of Laminine, but as a side effect or healing crisis when substance like FGF begins to work. However these are rare and is limited. We have not heard anyone experiencing back or neck pains. How many capsules are you taking and what health condition are you taking it for?

        • You can take 1 capsules am, take 3 capsules at least 4 hours before your bedtime. Laminine has adaptogenic substances (not necessarily herbal in nature). It can cause mental acuity in as much let you sleep better. If you have a lot of work or thinking to do in the evening, you need to take it much earlier. For people with severe fatigue, you will need to continue increased dosage to help address the issue. Based on clinical test and statistics, most people taking it would experience the effect in 3-4 weeks. Your body may need more.

  69. I came across this supplement as being used for ppl with depression, currently I take anti depressants and wanting to know if I may take this along with it and the dose? Have u had good feed back

  70. Does this help with the central nervous system too for tremors and motion disability too cause this has been keeping me up from sleeping 🙁

    • We have not received a direct testimony on tremors. Although Laminine is known to work on brain nerves. What it does is to stimulate stem cells found in the body to repair certain parts. You can try the standard dosage of 3 capsules per day.

  71. Is it also possible to experience several phases or frequencies of the so-called retracing or healing even after 3, 4, 6 months or even a year after continuous taking of laminine?

    • Yes, based on our own customer feedback, few experienced ‘healing crisis’, which lasted an average of 60 days. To date, we are still learning how stem cells react in our body (repairing) when supplemented with Laminine. In this situation, it is possible that the healing process will take longer (depending on the type of sickness). Dosage and daily habit also affects the healing process. For example, we have seen 30-50% less impact of Laminine on patients who drink alcohol vs. non-alcoholic drinkers. Same goes with patients who continue to eat fatty or is constantly stressed, way above what a normal person could take. However for cancer patients, we have seen that the healing process will take at least a year, though cancer cells drops in 30 days for Stage 3 and below.

  72. My wife have been on Bio-Identical HRT for about 4.5 years how will taking Laminine affect her levels will she sustain them longer will they increase what kind of result can she expect?

    • We currently don’t have data on someone on BHRT and taking Laminine at the same time. Since Laminine is technically 100% Food, it should not affect any dietary or therapy regimen. Laminine food supplement should compliment it instead. Laminine is basically protein with FGF that can signal our body’s stem cells, to balance hormones or repair damaged cells.

  73. Hi, I stumbled across laminine yesterday, since then I’ve been excited, I have severe psoriasis head to toe as well as psoriatic arthritis in most my joints especially my feet which makes it painful to walk on my toes, even so i trained for couple years going heavy on squats bench etc and really built my strength up and felt great, I’ve bin out of the gym for a year now and joint pain and depression is back. My question is will laminine help my psoriasis and joints if so whats the time frame? And how long will i need to take it?
    I’ve taken supplements in the past full amino acid profile tablets, HGH, vitamins, pro-biotics, 5000 iu vitamin D – nothing seemed to work.

    • Laminine works by signalling stem cells in your body to repair any damaged cell or nerve. It can also help you with your gym workout as Laminine provides 22 amino acids needed for both energy and cellular repair and recovery after work out. It has also been reported to help skin and joint problems. You can take Laminine at least 3 capsules per day for 30 days.

  74. Does laminine helps in treating polycythemia vera? I was diagnosed with PV a month ago and now needs another phlebotomy due to high hematocrit, RBC, WBC and hemoglobin in my recent cbc. Will this supplement helps? What will be the dosage. Thank you.

    • We don’t have a direct testimony on Polycythemia, but we do know that Laminine can activate your stem cells to balance production of red and white blood cells; Laminine may help address viscosity as well since blood cells are the easiest way to control using stem cells. You can start with 1 capsule for a week, gradually increase it to 3 capsules per day for at least 30-90 days. You can have a blood test to check improvements after 4 weeks at least.

  75. My father has metastatic cancer (end stage) he has tumor that is occupying at least 1/4 of his lung, has liver cirrhosis, tumor in stomach and abdomen. He is bedridden and very weak, so thin and hardly eats. Can LAMININE still do something about his situation?

    • Laminine is not intended to cure sickness or diseases but it can help the body by signalling stem cells in his body to repair the cancer/damaged cells. We’ve had 2 testimonials on stage 5 cancer who took Laminine overdose for 3/6 months and it lowered the cancer cells and sustained the patient until recovery. However we also had one testimony on stage 5 cancer where the overdose helped reduce cancer on a particular organ, but cancer continued to metastasis on other parts. We suggest for cancer patient not to take other products if it s “herbal” in nature, we’ve had a testimony who stopped taking Laminine and took herbal supplement instead, the cancer multiplied faster.

  76. I sent a request last week about my old .man who has diabetes, restricted lung disease,hypertension and Alzheimer’s medicines he is taking for all the above sickness, my request is how many capsules should he take of Laminine for each day. I got a reply ofn”Under Moderation” what does this mean?

  77. You have told above that Laminine causes a peak of creatinine to a patient with failed kidneys. Can the same patient still take Laminine? At what dosage?

    • Yes it can cause a temporary but necessary peak in creatinine because Laminine is protein. This special type of protein is needed by the kidney to repair itself and usually does not last long. Depending on the stage, recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day for 1-2 weeks and increase to 4-8 capsules per day for at least 60 days. Check for improvements after.

  78. Hi, i would like to ask if pwede din yung laminine for dessicated disc. based sa MRI may small paracentral protusion and small annular tear and the disc hydration is nearly absent. Ni refer po ako for PT. but nagpasecond opinion ako then sabi surgery daw. I would like to try laminine po para dito kasi cant go to work for a month na kasi i wasnt able to sit for that long kasi sumasakit ung lower back ko. Im not taking pain relievers na din kasi acidic din ako and baka yun naman yung tamaan sakin aside from this. Meron na po bang case na kahit paano narecover from spine related cases. And is it safe to take it 3x day? Appreciate your response.

    • Yes we have had several testimonies on back pain issues, Laminine is also known to help recover a person from muscle, nerve, or cellular injury so we are confident it will help you get back in shape faster. There are no overdosing of Laminine, so we would recommend for you to take 4-6 capsules per day. Higher dosage at bedtime. Normally, give it at least 3 weeks.

  79. I have been eating laminine 4 abs twice a day for 10 days then 2 tabs for a month now have fsgs and stage 3 CKD. My last 2 blood test have shown an increase in my creatinine, is it normal? or show i stop laminine?

    • Yes the increase in creatinine is normal because Laminine is basically a special kind of protein. This protein is needed to repair the kidney and the spike does not last long. You can continue dosage or lower it to 2 capsules for the next 1-2 weeks, but should not stop it. You can increase again as you see fit. The concept is simple, its like a glass of murky water that’s being filled with clearer water.. both are water in characteristics. You should begin to experience a lower creatine level from 6 weeks onwards, since your condition is chronic.

  80. Hi I am Faizal I have been eating Laminine 2 tablets for 14 days and 1 tablet for a month.i have been experiencing ear problem.i can hear echo sound and Cant hear clear.is this normal?

    • We have not heard any side effects that would cause you to hear an echo in your ear. Also if you have a health issue, 2 capsules may not be enough. We suggest you to consult your EENT instead.

  81. A distributor in Singapore told me that I have to order the product from another country, I don’t understand. Also I was told that there could be side effects on protein spikes for kidney problems. How long did some of your customers experience this?

  82. Hi, I would like to know how many dosage for children 6 yo and 10yo take laminine to get better concentration and learning?
    I have autistic girl 11yo how many dosage she can take?
    Thanks, abi

    • 1 capsule every other day for children below 6 years old. Generally, for children 7-12 years old (Caucasian) 1 capsule is enough. If the child is more than 5 feet tall, regardless of age, you can increase dosage to up to 2 per day, specially if above normal weight. They can take it on an empty stomach before breakfast (it’s food grade). I give my children up to 2 capsules (breakfast/bedtime) during exam week.

      For autistic children (applies also to down syndrome, ADD / 7-12 years old, normal weight), she can take 2 capsules per day. You can first give the 2 capsules at bedtime. After a week, try 1 cap before breakfast and 1 cap at night. Depending on the response, some kids in this condition becomes hyper active because of the amino acid boost when given during the day. We would recommend this as a lifetime maintenance for this condition. Please watch for egg allergy for children.

  83. Hello,
    I am diagnosed with MS 3.5 years ago and I am on Tysabri (natalizumab).
    Does Laminine could have an side effect on my treatment?
    Thank you

    • Laminine will not interact with your drug or does it have a known adverse side effect for your treatment. Laminine is a unique blend of amino acids or AA (proteins) which can produce the kind of AA repair our body needs. For example, if we need nerve repair, Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplementation can be used for certain types of nerve damage, which help manages Multiple sclerosis (MS) or Crohn’s and also type 2 diabetes or dementia. While Laminine is not intended to replace drugs such as Tysabri, Laminine can be an ideal supplement for repair of nerve (high dosage) without the side effects. Since Tysabri may cause some side effects such as viral infection of the brain.

      Drugs for MS is controversial, “Unfortunately, many MS patients take drugs because they are not aware that alternatives exist, and this can be a deadly decision” said Dr. Mercola. Laminine is simply food which helps your body produce the kind of repair material it needs. Laminine can also help address other cell degeneration a person with MS may be having.

  84. Can I buy this product in any international pharmacies like US, Australia , New zealand or any place in India
    kindly let me know

    • No, you should only watch out for Laminine if the person suffers from egg allergy, no known drug interaction. Laminine is synonymous to having a healthy blood (stem cells activation in the blood or cellular level).

  85. I suffer a mild epilepsy and take lamatrogen. Would it have any adverse affect,and is the name suggesting a similar ingredient

  86. Hi

    I experienced getting worse on my anxiety and panic disorder during taking laminine for the 1st week. . Difficult to take breath, pain in my chest and vertigo. Is it the normal healing process?fyi, i have anxiety and panic disorder for past 3 years till now
    I took 1 tablet 30 mins before breakfast and 1 tablet before bed time for the 1st week. Now i am increasing 1 tablet before breakfast and 2 tablet before bed time. Please advice

    • Yes it could be a rare but normal healing reaction, specially if you’re body is adjusting to FGF. You can slow down instead by taking 1 capsule per day (bedtime) and gradually increase/add 1 capsule for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Was your doctor clear on what’s causing your anxiety disorder?

      • My doctor only said my anxiety caused by inbalance brain chemical or serotinin. And he gave me SSRI cipralex 10 mg for 3 years. During this one month, i am trying to reduce to cipralex 5 mg

  87. I have polycythemia vera and I was wondering if it could help me control and balance my red blood cell and white blood cell count?I really want to know how well it could help.

  88. my son has leukemia , and had a bone marrow transplant almost 2 yr ago . now his bone still not producing blood, and platelet, i want to ask how much is the dosage for a 15 yr? his last bone morrow test are all donor.

    • Standard dosage for adult would be 2 capsules per day. You can increase this dosage to double for the first 3 weeks and test for blood count. You can continue the dosage or lower it to 2 capsules as maintenance. We have had testimonies on leukemia already.

  89. Im sorry but I had another question, I had a friend who has a brain cyst and I wanted to know if laminine could help out in any way like decrease the size of it because the cyst is inoperable.

    • We don’t have a direct testimony on cysts in the brain yet, but similarly to other forms of cysts (except sebaceous/fatty cysts where we have found Laminine to not be ineffective), repair or reduction of the cysts usually takes 3 months at least. This is based on our user-testimonies for breast cysts. Dosage minimum are 3 capsules/day.

  90. I have been taking laminine for 2 years straight but lately I am experiencing stomach cramps for three days now despite me taking 4 capsules of laminine daily. Is it possible for retracing to occur even after 2 years of religiously taking laminine?

    • We haven’t heard any side effects of Laminine that causes stomach cramps. It should totally be unrelated and the best way is to consult a doctor. However, we do not believe retracing will occur at a rate your taking Laminine. Consider also other factors such as diet, age or the natural process of pre-menopause (if applicable) which may be attributed to the cramps your experiencing.

  91. I am experiencing profuse bleeding due to uterine fibroids every time I have my period. Can laminine help and how long can laminine taper my bleeding or shrink my fibroids?

    • We don’t have a direct testimony on uterine fibroids, but we know of some patients who had myoma. Since Laminine is cell or tissue repair, you can take it for your condition at least 3 weeks to see any significant sign of improvement. You can start minimum of 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast, 2 capsules at bedtime. Once you see an improvement, you can continue the same dosage or lower it to 2 capsules at least for the next few months.

  92. I wanted to know how laminine could help me, I have hemochromatosis and it makes my body absorb more iron in my food and causes iron overload and I have to have frequent phlebotomies, can laminine help my body to absorb normal amounts of iron?

    • We haven’t had any direct testimony on Bell’s Palsy, but Laminine is known to help muscle recovery, nerve and cell restoration. Also, there have been FGF2 studies on Facial nerve injury (Bell’s Palsy), which may help patients with BP, since Laminine contains FGF2. Some of our users do not voluntary tell us sickness they have recovered to. The FGF study from this link (NCBI) is not in direct collaboration with Laminine, but an intravenous application of FGF, which as mention is also contained in Laminine (powder form).

  93. Could laminine help somehow with my myelofibrosis? I have scarring in my bone marrow and could laminine help heal my bone marrow and regulate my blood?

    • MF is thought to be caused by abnormal blood stem cells in the bone marrow. I am not sure how exactly will it help, but Laminine is known to ‘activate’ stem cells and regulate healthy blood. You can try 2 capsules for the first week and increase dosage to 4 capsules for 30 days. Check with your doctor for improvement and continue dosage as you see fit. Laminine is a food supplement which anyone can take, no prescription needed.

  94. i am very interested in laminine. do you have any data or testimonials on people using this on polycythemia vera? I have it and I was wondering in what ways it could help me I also have some bone marrow scarring. I would try all three of them if it could help any.

    • We don’t have a direct testimony on polycythemia vera, but the FGF in Lamininine is known to signal stem cells to do their job in helping the body repair itself. What you can do is to try it for at least 60 days at the standard minimum dosage of 2 capsules per day.

  95. I have been hearing many good things about laminine and if it’s possible could it help in some way with a person who has Huntington’s disease? I really would love to know!

      • Ok thanks for the fast response! And I saw in one of Althea’s webpage and it said laminine could help to stop the mutated gene that causes Huntington’s disease, is this true?

        • Based on our user-experience, we’ve seen Laminine work on a cellular-repair level. We currently do not see any evidence that it can work for gene repair, although we have had children take Laminine for their Autism and parents have observed significant focus on the part of the child. But as to know if the child can overcome autism (example) is yet to be known. For huntington’s, there are several testimonies in circulation, but we could not verify the authenticity of the claim as we do not have first hand testimonial on this. However, Laminine may work for this disease since we did have testimonies on nerve and muscle repair.

  96. Its me again and thanks for all the responses and i wanted to know one last thing, could laminine help someone who has multiple myeloma, i know someone who has it and they wanted to know if laminine could help them

    • We dont have a direct testimony yet on multiple myeloma but Laminine has been known to help the body cope with cancer. It has a stem cell like function (not the same as stem cell therapy), that signals cells to repair itself. Dosage for cancer is at least 5 capsules or higher per day, for at least 30 days to check improvements from cancer cells.

  97. I am a sickle cell anaemia patient, am in my early 30s. i need to know if laminine does help with such blood disorder, and lack of oxygen dat cause the change of shape of the red blood cell. i currently undergo frequent red cell exchange apheresis which i believe isnt good, and can cause iron overload. i need help PLS REPLY as soon as possible.

    • Laminine encourages the production of new blood, as needed by the body. You can follow the standard minimum dosage and observe for at least 2 weeks. You can continue by increasing the dosage as needed, but you have to do this for at least 3 months to see the effects. Laminine contains FGF that helps signal the cell (including blood cells) to repair or balance itself.

  98. My complexion is very blotchy and any makeup foundation I put on my face turns a different color within ten minutes of putting it on. Will laminine help?

  99. Have you heard of anyone using laminine for Adrenoleukodystrophy? It a genetic disorder that I’m trying to find ways to treat it and wondering if anyone used laminine for it? Please reply back!

  100. What dose should be taken by cancer patient (stages 4&5) who has diabetes? My dad is quite weak as has low blood cell count (around 10) despite iron injections. His cancer is very aggressive and spreaded from prostate to his lungs and bones.He was prescribed hormonal the therapy only as docs decided that he is too weak for chemio or radioteraphy. We have got Laminine but unsure if we should start with 3 per day or more.
    Please reply ASAP – thank you.

    • Laminine’s FGF has been around since 1929. Commercially introduced in 2012, there are no long term side effects reported. In fact the side effects are positive, such as having better skin and better sleep. Laminine is originally intended to help repair damaged cells or organs.

  101. Its me again, sorry for being bothersome but I recently bought a bottle of laminine and I have a friend who has rheumatoid arthritis really bad and I would love to know how in what ways laminine could help her.

    • Laminine does not provide cure for testicular torsion, normally surgery will be appropriate. Laminine can come in to promote faster wound healing, after the surgery but not to correct the torsion.

  102. I am trying to seek an alternative method rather than do chemotherapy.i have multiple myeloma and it is quite aggressive . Could laminine help me?i would really love to know please.

    • We can only measure the success rate of Laminine based on our direct communication from users who had similar situations, which is of course rare as customers normally do not want to share experiences in general. However, we do have several testimonies related to cancer and blood related problems.

      In the medical field, FGF2 (found in Laminine) is found at high levels in patients with multiple myeloma. (Google books) Experiments also conclude that plasma concentration of FGF-2 can be a useful indicator of disease activity (NCBI)

      What this simply means is that supplementation of FGF2 may benefit people with MM. The proliferation of FGF signals the repair of cells (blood cells) or tissue cells in the body. Much like how amino acids work, if you are weak, the body tries to produce or induce it, but if you can have supplementation, the recovery will be faster.

      What you can do is to try the product at high dosage, at least 6 to 9 capsules per day. You can try it for 30 to 90 days to see how it helps with the plasma cell condition.

  103. I have very high levels of very long chain fatty acids and are accumulating and causing damage to my nerves by damaging the myelin sheath.could laminine normalize the levels of these fatty acids due to my x linked adrenoluekodystrophy? I really need help in anyway?

    • We do not have a testimony on adrenoleukodystrophy but Laminine’s FGF (stem cell signalling) is known to work with nerves. We did however have testimony on multiple sclerosis. If you still wish to try Laminine, you can take at least 3 to 4 capsules per day for 21 days to see if it begins to positively affect your condition.

  104. Hi, I have a severe hormonal imbalance, for the past six months I’ve had to take Provera 10mg x 3 / 9 days for my cycle to start. I’ve also had surgery to remove fibro adenomas twice. I go through intermittent depression periods as well. Do you think Laminine would help especially with my cycles?

    • We’ve seen it work on hormonal imbalance due to stress or anxiety factor, but not for hormonal changes due to age. It has also helped a lot of people with depression as it raises serotonin levels naturally. Depending on the person, you can experiment taking it at least 2 capsules at bedtime, you should feel rested for the rest of the night. If you remain focused and awake after taking it at bedtime, adjust your intake to late afternoon. You can also take the product in the morning, if you feel the need for energy and focus throughout the day. Usually, people with serious conditions should take at least 4 capsules dosage daily.

  105. Hi! I have had a CT lung & it showed I had Mycobacterium Avrium could this come from Laminine? Have been taking laminine for 3 yrs.

    • Although Laminine is made from egg extract, the peptides were extracted on the 9th day, in the Albumin. No it cannot come from Laminine or food supplements in general. These type/group of germs (MAC) are very common in food, water, and soil. The entry into humans is usually through the lungs. Almost everyone has them in their bodies. However, if you have a strong immune system, they don’t cause problems. But they can cause serious illness in people with very serious immunodeficiency problems.

  106. Thank you for being in touch so quickly. should i continue with Laminine as i only take one a day. Can Laminine help with MAC. I first got sinus then a cough & the CTLungs showed this. My spectrum came back with Pneumonia. Would really appreciate your thoughts. Tried to get in touch with Dr Andujar as he gave me his card when here in australia last year but unfortunately i lost it. Thank you so much Cheryl

    • Dr. Andujar is currently occupied with a new skin product for LifePharm called Lamiderm. One thing is sure and that is to keep your immune system up by getting enough amino acids to help your body cope with it. Suggested dosage for people who have serious health condition is at least 4 capsules per day. You should take at least 3. Cough is the most common symptom for MAC and Laminine does not directly heal it (since it’s not a drug) but only equips the body to heal itself (through stem cells and proteins). MAC symptoms are reminiscent of tuberculosis, therefore is an immune and lung problem. Incidentally, Johns Hopkins researchers have found evidence that a tuberculosis (TB) triggers immune system signaling to the gut that temporarily decreases the bacteria efficiency in the digestive tract.

      Therefore, it is important that you also maintain gut integrity by taking probiotic supplements and LifePharm created Digestive+++ to support a myriad of diseases related to the gut. MAC entry/hosts is usually via the gastrointestinal tract therefore we would suggest for you to take any form of prebiotic/probiotic supplement.

  107. Can you tell me proper dosage for Parkinsons patient who is currently on medication, and should a doctor be consulted first?

    also what about type 1 diabetes, let me have the dosage please.

    • There’s no need for Doctor’s consultation, unless the person is allergic to eggs. Parkinson’s and Diabetes maintenance dosage is 1-2 capsules daily at bedtime, if the condition is not severe.

  108. I need help as i have an mps disease, could laminine help me please? I canr remember the name of it but i know its an mps disease that was genetic, please rply back as soon as possible please

  109. Can I use Laminine for my injury to my left knee? The doctor said I have Patello femoral pain on the left knee. Please advice. Thanks

    • Yes Laminine will be helpful. Special proteins found in Laminine is needed to strengthen the softening of the cartilage under your kneecap. It will aid you a lot in recovering from your injury.

  110. My father has restrictive cardiomyopathy and his EF is at 26%. what can

    he take to help his heart muscles regain some strength?

    • We’re not sure if the heart muscle will positively react with FGF stimulating the stem cells in the body. However, Laminine do have studies that shows muscle recovery (in general) and the minimum dosage would be 4 capsules per day. You can observe recovery from within the 90 day period of taking Laminine regularly.

  111. Can I use laminine for my chiari malformation? There’s barely any treatment for this disorder and I heard so much about Laminine

    • Unfortunately we do not have any customer testimony on CM. Although FGF2 supplement (pure/vial, not Laminine) has been found to modulate synaptic transmission and has important implication for the treatment of neurological disorders, Laminine as a mere food supplement (not drug but with FGF2) may still affect patients with Chiari malformation, but not as aggressive as (example) stem cell therapy through the use of FGF2. On a positive note, we’ve seen unique reactions of persons taking Laminine affecting all sorts of things such as nerves (brain), muscles, and organ tissues. This is possible because we do have stem cells in the body and Laminine helps activate it, but we have not learned of anyone being helped from their CM.

    • We do not have a testimony on Huntington’s disease. What we do know is that Laminine’s FGF2 supports the recovery of damaged cells and nerves. A separate study in 2005 on Huntington’s shows FGF-2 promotes neurogenesis and neuroprotection and prolongs survival (in a patient with Huntington’s). However we could not verify if an open label trial was done since there were no commercially available FGF2 supplements then. At best, we can only say that Laminine can be used as health maintenance for people with the disease but no testimonies are available yet.

  112. Hi! What would you recommend by Periodontal inflammation? It’s heavy. Do you know about being better to taking Laminine? Thank you very much!

    • We don’t know a particular person who had this type of inflammation, but since Laminine works on cellular/DNA level, you can take at least 2 to 3 capsules per day as standard dosage for wound (cell) repair.

  113. I have a 7 yr old son with ADD. Should I begin with 2 capsules a day to jump start the benefits of laminine. Also, do you recommend taking this in the morning or evening and with or without food? Thank you

    • You can give 1 capsule at bedtime (about to sleep). Laminine can cause someone to be more energetic if given in the morning. You can give additional 1 in the morning as needed, otherwise 1 capsule is enough for his age.

  114. I take laminine but I also take other supplement and vitamins. How long apart should I take between laminine and other supplements so laminine could work at full effect?

  115. Hi I haven’t driven for 9 year because of a panic attack, I get scared when I drive on the road , have all kind of symptoms, I shake, my heart beat so fast, and my start shaking. Can laminine help me please?

    • Laminine is known to generally create a focused, relaxed, and happy feeling because it help balance certain hormones like cortisol (stress) and serotonin levels. You can start with at least 2 capsules each morning before breakfast.

  116. I have myoma and having heavy menstrual bleeding because of this. Can laminine help in any way and what dosage should I take? Do you have testimonials on myoma shrinking after taking laminine and how long before shrinking happened? By the way according to my ob, uterine fibroids is synonymous to myoma. Thanks in advance.

    • Depending on the size, we have had testimonies where the myoma was broken down into smaller parts and eventually disappeared from 6 to 9 months maintenance. She took 4 capsules for the first month and 3 capsules as maintenance. However we have not received a testimony for Uterine Fibroids.

  117. I have anemia due to heavy monthly flow. Can laminine help and what is the dosage? Can laminine help in production of blood to increase my hemoglobin level? Thanks for your reply.

    • Yes, Laminine is known to help with mental focus. Standard dosage for kids is 1 capsule per day before breakfast. If he sleeps late, he can take 1 capsule at night (bedtime, about to sleep) until his sleeping habit is regulated. You can also consider Laminine Powder with spirulina that is just added to any food, rice, or vegetables to make it delectable.

  118. Hi im 46yrs old I had a surgery back in 2000 since after, I don’t experience menstruation anymore. Is it’s ok to take laminine and laminine omega because I work overnight

    • Yes there should be no problems with that. If you have cholesterol and has family history of osteoporosis, you can add Laminine Omega, 1 to 2 capsules per day. We have had some reports of female (pre menopausal) customers saying that Laminine Omega caused acidity but eventually disappeared after. Therefore we suggest for you to take Laminine (original) first for the first 3 weeks or month. You can add Omega later.

  119. What the dose for a patient with brain tumor, he had a brain surgery last year, now he’s going back for a second one he wants to try laminine, help please

  120. Laminine sounds very interesting. I would love to try this especially the Laminine Omega. Can I get this supplement in Trinidad & Tobago (The Caribbean)? Secondly, most people who produce hens in a big scale for may customers usually use certain chemicals in the feed or water to get the chickens big faster than the normal but these chemicals cause many negative side effects for the human body (e.g. cancer). So can you really guarantee customers that the chicken eggs that are being used to make Laminine does not have these chemicals?

  121. Thank you Althea for that info, but i have one more question. I am over forty years and i recently had a dislocated Shoulder. My doctor said that i need lots of calcium in my body for it to heal faster. Should i take calcium and magnesium capsules with Laminine or Laminine Omega? Or does Laminine have all that i need to work?

    • If you are taking Laminine for the first time, it would be best advice to take as much Laminine (original) as you can. However, you should add at least 1 to 2 capsules of Laminine Omega, because it works well with calcium. Vitamin K helps maximize the absorption of the calcium in the body.

  122. Hi I live in Jamaica how do I get Laminine to me, also I have a bleeding issue my menses will not stop I am 36, which Laminine would you recommend?

  123. Hi there, I had masectomy and will be taking the hormone pill Tamixifen. Can I use Laminine at the same time taking Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer. Thanks

  124. Is it ok to take Laminine if you have a thyroid disease, like Grave’s? will the sea plant ingredient in Laminine cause a negative side effect?

    • We don’t have testimony on Grave’s disease, we can’t say if Laminine works. As for the negative side effects, there are no reports to date of long-term bad effects, unless you are allergic to eggs.

  125. My husband will be going through major surgery and one of the biggest concerns will be scar tissue, could laminine help to decrease scar tissue?

  126. My mum fights with breast cancer. She had mastectomy. Now the cancer invaded the lungs. Beside she has a kidney problem – higher level of creatinine, and heart problem. Now regarding the dosage she should take 9–15 capsules per day. Is it however truly safe for her considering kidney and heart disease?

    • Our Doctors would recommend the highest dosage possible, since this may be late stage type of cancer. It is safe for the heart, kidney. However, since her creatinine is already high. You should start with a low dosage of 2 to 4 capsules for the first week and increase as the weeks progress. If she can take a higher dosage without the side effects of dizziness (which is possible in her condition), that would be better. Cancer in the lung can spread much faster, and it’s difficult to say if Laminine can still work (on late-stage cancer). But definitely, it will give her a fighting chance, as she should feel better in 1-2 weeks of taking the initial dosage.

      • Thank you for the answer, just one more concern I have forgotten to mention: mum at the moment is taking chemo, should she take the laminine during chemo, or once the series is finished?

  127. Hi, I have been on sleep aids like valium, clonazepam for about 40 years. Their effect seems to be getting less effective. I have also begun suffering from constipation for the last 3 months or so. I am also taking other supplements. Can laminine help with these two conditions Thank you

    • Laminine is known to promote better sleep, if you have been taking sleeping pills for the last many years, we do not know if it can still have an effect on you, but we believe it should. You can read more here. For constipation, you can consider taking probiotics like Digestive Plus.

  128. I am on anti depressant for many years. Now I want to wean it gradually and stop all together but I am afraid of withdrawl symptoms. The withdrawl symptoms itself feel like the depression itself.. Do you think the LAMININE could help with the awful symptoms during this process?

  129. Hi! My mother has a stage 1 leiomyosarcoma cancer and her liver is getting bigger. She’s undergoing chemo with her 4th session, can she take laminine and finish her 6 chemo session at the same time?

    • Yes, she can take the supplement at the same time, ideally just before the session, to fill her body with amino acids that can help her overcome the weakness felt after therapy. She can take again just before sleeping, for cellular repair.

  130. After taking laminine for 2 month for my reumathoid arthritis , I developed a very strange condition. My nose is clogged and I can’t breath normally . I can’t sleep with my nose clogged .feels like an alergy.. I did not take anything different except laminine . I started reacting on the normal air flow from the air conditioner with sneezing many times , I become sensitive to cold air. Looks like laminine is a culprit . Is it normal? May be my immune system is recovering by reacting in this way. Because my RA did got better with laminine

    • You probably have an allergic reaction from the protein extract of Laminine. If the product is doing you well (except for the allergy), you should reduce intake at 1-2 capsules per week, until your body reaches tolerance.


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