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Good news! Laminine Spain is now open for direct delivery effective October 2015. Based in Spain, Laminine will soon delivers from and within Spain saving you worldwide shipping fees. The rates are lower, cheaper and faster delivery.

Ahora abierto España! – Estábamos buscando un distribuidor en España

Laminine Spain includes automatic delivery (door to door delivery). Those living in Spain can now order Laminine on-line without paying for shipping and handling fees. This is good news to those who wants a fast and efficient delivery system for Laminine. However, retail order for automatic delivery in Spain is not yet available. You need to click “JOIN” and choose your package.

Click “JOIN”

Activation pack includes 3 boxes of Laminine or 90 capsules. Since the ideal dosage is minimum of 3 capsules of Laminine (2 weeks interval), your 90 capsules is good for a 1-month program. You can adjust dosage as needed after. If you are suffering from certain illness such as Cancer Stage 4, Diabetes, Heart, Kidney or Liver problems etc., you can take as much as 15 capsules per day for a 1-month period. Based on user experience, our customers experience a real and dramatic recovery.

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When Laminine opens in Spain, you can order direct by going to the link below

[icon icon=”thumbsup”][/icon]BUY NOW (Choose Country & Click ‘JOIN’ for Wholesale Price)

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