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Laminine Supplement Telomere Study

Laminine study show increased Telomere activity aiding osteoarthritis, and reduction of C Reactive protein as an antiaging and brain health supplement

We have trillions upon trillions of cells in the body. These cells constantly divide. Eventually, they mature and no longer divide as aging progress. Within the cells is the nucleus, where all our genetic materials are stored. Within the nucleus are chromosomes, where our genetic makeup is stored.

When a cell divides, chromosomes with short telomeres may cause abnormality or mutation. This is evident in people who experience rapid aging due to stress and other factors.

Interestingly, the length of telomeres of people diagnosed with Progeria (a genetic condition that causes a child’s body to age fast) is shorter. Thus, the link between having healthy telomerase and rapid aging is evident as well.

Telomere: Chromosome’s “aglet”

What protects our chromosomes is the telomere. These are like the aglet in a shoelace. The caps protect it from degeneration. As we age, these caps or telomeres become shorter. As the cell divides, chromosomes are clipped on a regular basis.

Critically Short Telomere

When the telomere is gone, we refer to it as a Critically Short Telomere (CST). The link between osteoarthritis and CST is evident in research, consequently causing joint pain in the elderly and, evidently, cognitive decline.

We see this in patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.


Telomerase study

Rafael Gonzales, Ph.D., the University of California, shares in this video the results of the experiment they conducted for Laminine. Individuals took two capsules of Laminine for four weeks. During this period, telomerase activities were measured at a specific time point.

Two studies were done. The first study was to observe Laminine on skin cells to assess growth and repair. This was done by growing skin fibroblasts in multiple dishes. It had a growth medium containing varying concentrations of Laminine.

The cells were incubated for 1 week and analyzed cell growth by using a neutral red assay. This well-developed and widely used cytotoxicity test can quantitatively estimate the number of viable cells. The data suggest that Laminine is not toxic to cells and can help maintain normal cell growth in vitro (Figure 1).

Telomerase activity in people for ninety days

Since telomerase activity may play a critical role in maintaining health and longevity, we next performed a telomerase activity assay on samples of blood from patients that had consumed Laminine. Eight subjects consumed 4 Laminine daily for 90 days.

Blood samples were taken from individuals on day seven and day 1 prior to Laminine consumption (Pre) and 30 and 90 days post Laminine consumption in order to assess if Laminine changes levels of telomerase activity (Fig 2).

The data suggest an increase in telomerase activity for 50% of the patients and no decrease in telomerase activity during the 3 -month study. An average of the eight patients suggested an overall increase in telomerase activity.

How Laminine helps with aging and joint pain

Results show that Laminine’s protein enzyme can naturally combat the clipping of telomeres. As the telomeres get clipped, the enzyme (FGF protein) adds a protective sequence on top of the chromosomes. As a result, it safeguards the cell from aging.

An increased telomerase activity reverses cellular aging in your joints by lengthening your telomeres.

The level of testing that LifePharm has done on it is very impressive. Lengthen telomeres, lessen joint discomfort,” says Dr. Rafael Gonzales. “Very few companies, especially nutriceutical companies, will actually do this,” showing their experiment up close, he added.

The amazing effect of Laminine on Telomerase activity aids osteoarthritis.

Anti-aging effect

While the quest for the fountain of youth remains elusive, protein supplements like Laminine have again shown their anti-aging effects. If you are experiencing joint pain, muscular and bone problems, high blood sugar, or are looking for a supplement that can help you get up on your feet, Laminine is likely the perfect supplement for you.

→ Laminine on C-Reactive Protein Osteoarthritis marker reduction.

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