Laminine Testimony on Complex Renal Cyst


Testimonial on Cystic Renal Cell Carcinoma (Complex Renal Cyst)

Watch Lorna Rapsing’s testimonial on her complex kidney cyst

English transcription

Lorna Rapsing from the Philippines was diagnosed with Complex Renal Cyst. Her husband Rolando had to be strong since her condition seemed hopeless. Her left side kidney was inflamed and so week it was showing in the rest of her body. She was bedridden, weak, was aided with NGT and liters of abscess had to be drained from her kidney.

“I’m shocked, the abscess that comes out of her body was so much that I get embarrassed in the hospital (common room) because it’s really fowl and smelly, let alone the other problems that goes with it such as skin burning sensation (because of antibiotic), pneumonia, lungs in the water, she could not stand anymore” according to Rolando.

She was not improving in hospital and the husband decided to bring her home. The hospital was far and there were instance where Rolando’s fatigue overcame him where at times, he was the one who needed medical attention in the hospital.

Rolando called his friend Lawyer who suggested for Lorna to try Laminine Food Supplement. She was immediately asked to take 9 capsules at 3 times per day. In 5 days, she stood up and was able to walk. She did this for the next 3 months. Lorna did not need to undergo dialysis. The family saved a lot of money but more importantly, their faith in God brought them through this ordeal.
“I’m really thanking for the Lord he used to heal me, perhaps without Laminine, I would not have healed”, said Lorna

complex kidney cystCysts (simple ones) can be common among the elderly and may not need any intervention. However, complex cysts, need immediate attention. Complex cysts pose a concern because a subset of complex cysts may have cancerous growth. Of note, most cancerous growths in the kidney are solid, not cystic. Yet some cancers of the kidney may have a cystic component. Strategies are available to predict whether a complex cyst may be associated with cancerous change. (Source: Urology Group)

Doctor’s Panel: Discussion on the Lorna’s kidney problem

Dr. Rhea Magalona
Renal cysts are sacs of fluid that form in the kidneys, for complex cysts, the wall is thicker or contain solid material (such as abscess) instead of fluid.

If the sac becomes too big, it can erupt and bleed or cause obstructions thereby compromising the normal function of the kidney.

Lorna was told it was cancerous and recommended chemo (eventually dialysis). If she undergoes chemo to kill the bad cells, the good cells also die also, you need to recover after the session.
You need nutrition for faster recovery and Laminine has FibroBlast Growth Factor (FGF). In clinical studies, Laminine’s FGF has the ability to signal cell to repair itself. So when we as doctors could not do anything to help the patient recover, Laminine does it for us.

When you have cell (mutant gene) that is starting to be damaged, FGF begins to tell this cell to ‘commit suicide’. FGF tells this mutant cell that it is useless in the body and should get out and die. If the body system is not in top shape, signaling can fails and mutant or dead cells begins to develop into cancer.

Dr. Ayesa Wasim
Recovery period is not the same for everyone. For Lorna it took her 3 months to recover, however for others it takes longer. Recovery relies on the ability of our body to absorb nutrients and is affected by the extent of damage.
Laminine helps the good cell maintain its health. Together with the new cells that are forming and damaged cells that were repaired (by Laminine), all these ‘healthy cells’ combined, will be strong enough to combat the ‘bad or cancerous cells’.

Dr. Mario Ramirez
When you have an infection, in this case manifested by abscess (12 bags) that came out, this the body’s natural response is to excrete it. It has to get out or else will becomes septic and poisonous in the body thus affecting our body’s natural defense.

Normal process of killing is to remove this poison in the body. If you have an infection, the abscess comes out which means the infection has to be released, otherwise it becomes septic. It’s a normal process of the body and people should not be afraid.

We have to release this toxin from our body so we will be healed. If this doesn’t happened we will never recover. Laminine instigate this process (purging our body from certain infections) because it will tell the cell that “you are damaged, and you have to get out of the system”. Some people get scared with constant abscess excretion, but this is the repair system of our body.

Dr. Arle Imperio
If the patient has abnormal symptoms, example urine excretion, ultra sound can be done, or for cyst, check if it’s benign or a malignant cancer. In this case, it was cancer to be followed by anti-cancer drug which is chemotherapy, basic medicine.

Here is the most important point, if you have symptoms, always consult the doctor. But we need something, in my opinion to support and strengthen the body functions. This is where functional food comes in. If you can support it (through food supplement), your body has the ability to combat any disease.

If you’re well, drugs can be removed, but the functional food should continue, but this time it works another way – which is to delay the aging process by enhancing body functions, that’s why you will be taking your functional food for life.

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