Testimony of Kevin Sorbo (Aneurysm & Unexplained Pain)


Laminine Testimonial of Kevin Sorbo, USA*



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Kevin Sorbo, the original Mr. Hercules and the actor who played as the Professor in 2014 God’s not dead – the movie, shares his experience with Laminine, speaking at the LifeVention, a LifePharm Convention in California.


[row_container]Synopsis: Kevin Sorbo is a Hollywood actor who did more than 40 films. He played Hercules on TV, Hercules the legendary journeys from 1993 to 2000, Andromeda from 2000-2005 where he lived for years in New Zealand. In 2014, Kevin who is a Christian played the role of an Atheist in the movie “God’s not dead”.

Kevin kept having weird pains in his left shoulder. He felt the pain progressing down to his arms and fingers. It felt numb and felt weak going to the gym.

He has always been fit at 6’2 until he suffered a very strong sensation in the back of his head where he would get dizzy, as if falling backwards. He was rushed to the hospital and didn’t know he had Aneurysm. Though he keeps a good and healthy regimen, he had a series of three strokes and spent the next four months in rehabilitation.

Kevin was introduced to Laminine and credits his full recovery to the encouragement of his family healthy living and a herculean will. “You know what the doctors didn’t save my life but the same time the prognosis they gave me was after eight, nine months, this is three nerve different neurologist saying wherever you are that’s it whatever you’re feeling get to live it for the rest of you life, after nine months I wasn’t still doing very good and I said this is no way.” – Kevin Sorbo[

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