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Laminine Testimony on Psoriasis & Skin Disorder

Laminine Testimonials on Psoriasis

plaque psoriasis healed

Psoriasis plaque

Rita seemed hopeless with her condition and did all she could using Doctor prescribed medicines. She had psoriasis nearly all her life. Her arms were sore, cracking with redness of about 10 to 15 layers of thick flakes because of Psoriasis. She did all sorts of another home remedy which was not helping much. She took her chances on Laminine introduced by a friend. Rita took 3 to 6 capsules per day.

In six weeks time, she noticed considerable improvement and was eager to share her story with anyone. The redness and soreness were gone and only about 3 layers of scales left in just 6 weeks. She also felt better, stronger, and her stress just disappeared. She’s grateful for what Laminine did for her skin and she hopes to be fully recovered in a few weeks more of taking the product.

Psoriasis, Male 25 years old

First-hand testimony of a young man who had an unsightly skin problem. His psoriasis was getting so uncomfortable and itchy. He tried other herbal supplements but it was not helping. A friend introduced Laminine who she said worked well with her skin. Unsure if it will work for him, he took one capsule of Laminine each night and after a week, the itching stopped. After 30 days, the skin began to clear.

psoriasis stress testimony

Female 50 years old had Psoriasis for more than three decades

Galina from Romania had Psoriasis for 33 years, her problem started when she was 17 years old. While crossing the street, a vehicle almost hit her with death at only a few inches away. It caused her instant shock causing a wave of stress all over her body.

The next day, her skin disorder began to show. According to the Doctors, the cause was an intense shock that triggered her immune system to breakdown and gives way to Psoriasis. The stress of a near-fatal accident tormented her not only with the experience but with blisters, scales, and tremendous itchiness, discomfort, and shame. She refused to leave the house.

She went to several Doctors and even sought help from other countries such as Israel, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Canada. She felt defeated but still hoped that skin institutes would help her, but it did little. Her Psoriasis would come and go away with the help of medicines and temporary relief. Her experience was evident in photos she showed LifePharm CEO, Wicky Suyanto that revealed the extent of her condition. Her skin problem was all over her body, with severe flakiness and redness in her belly, arms, legs, and back.

Galina took high doses of Laminine and in four months, she started to recover. Today, she is free from stress, physical and emotional pain that Psoriasis brought her.

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