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Laminine testimony on Sports Injury & Depression (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)

Laminine Testimonial of Rick Goltz from Canada

Rick Goltz from Canada was depressed, suffered pain and traumatic brain injury as a former football player. He had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Transcript:. Hi my name is Rick Goltz from Woodlands Texas. I want to tell you a little about me and why Laminine had made much difference in my life. I grew up in Canada and I played professional football there for 10 years. I played 5 years for the BC Lines, my hometown in Vancouver. I played a year in Calgary with the Stampeders. I played 4 years with Saskatchewan Roughriders and I played a year for the Los Angeles Raiders.

So I had a great career, got to do what I love I got paid for but suffered a lot of injuries I had 14 different surgeries during and after football. But it was worth it I love playing the game I got to do what I love and even got paid for it. I signed up for the physical injuries I knew that was gonna happen. What I didn’t understand and what I realize since it has a lot of damage done to my brain.

Football is a collision sport it’s not a contact sports dancing is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport and back when I learned football they taught us how to use our head as a weapon so why they gave us a helmet and said put your helmet on that’s why you use it as a weapon and I did, and I did it very well

I suffered a lot of concussions as a matter of fact back then they didn’t really call it concussions which is you got bell rung. You know to take an aspirin to it not a big deal how many fingers do you have rick? Two, OK go back and your fine. That was just a part of the game.

You recover from it short term never really thought about it after the game, but I learned years later that the damage gets worst and worst and it contributed to a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, that a lot of retired football players and other athletes who suffer from it severely a lot of athletes football players in particularly committed suicide due to this disease due to the collisions due to the concussions due to the brain damage they suffered because of it.

Well, I didn’t know any of this a year and a half ago when I was introduced to Laminine. I just knew that I was suffering from depression. I knew that I wake up most mornings in such a dark place that the only way that I can get through the day was to be on my face on the floor praying to God to please help me through this day. I just overwhelmed and then that was how I dealt with it.

Well with the short period of time less than a week of taking Laminine that all changed. I’d wake up in the morning and feel wow I feel great. I don’t this feeling anymore, and it just really changed my life and what it also has done for me is maybe passionate about sharing because I know there are thousands of athletes out there. Not just football players but soccer players, military people, basketball players, wrestlers, that are going through the same thing that I did and worst and they need this.

I know that because I read the status of several guys that I played with, and the conversation was the same every time. One I hadn’t talked to in 25 years and he was so moved that I called him and he said, “Rick why after all this time you’re calling?”, and I told him I said what I’ve been experiencing and what it changed how Laminine had changed he said: “how soon can I get that?”

I said why? He says what you’re saying has been way worst for me. So I make sure he got it really quickly and soon after that, I got an email from his wife Joanne just thanking me for getting her husband back. She said he’s just a different man he’s totally different now that he’s taken Laminine. So I know absolutely that there are a thousand of people out there, athletes but other people as well that their lives would be totally changed if they were taking Laminine.

My mission is to do whatever I can to get this message to them so I can help them I know there are guys who have died and I know if that they’ve had Laminine they might still be around so this is also about saving lives that’s my mission and I invite whoever wants to join my mission and save a lot of people.

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