Laminine on wounds and post operation

post operation

Laminine for wound and post operation

Rapid wound healing or recovery from a post operation has been observed not only with double blind experiment but also with our own customers. Laminine Food Supplement contains FibroBlast Growth Factor or FGF that has a stem cell like behavior that encourages rapid cell repair.

For more information on how Laminine can help you recover faster, please go to our clinical studies summary review.

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  1. My dad is experiencing severe pain on his venous ulcer on the right foot after taking the meds. He is also diabetic. Is that normal? Up to how long?

    • Yes, it can be normal or certain parts of the body where healing is happening. It normally lasts 1-2 weeks. Observe also if the wound has begun to dry. Reduce dosage if the patient is allergic to eggs.


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