About Althea Distributor

Making History

LPGN, one of the first US-based food supplement companies established Laminine Food Supplement as one of best products available today worldwide. The Philippines through FRPI Master Distributor (founded 2011), was the first Distribution Center outside the USA. With extensive media coverage and strategic branding campaigns, LifePharm, Inc. grew to be a household, top-selling brand in its product categories.

Laminine Food Supplement became synonymous with premium, high-quality natural supplements made in the U.S. As a result, the company far exceeded its sales expectations, which reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

Laminine Food Supplement is sold on-line through an authorized LPGN Independent Business Owners. All orders are made online or through direct and personal referrals.

Althea Distributor

The word Althea means ‘wholesome,’ from the verb meaning ‘to heal.’ It originated from the Greek name – Althaia, which is a plant believed to have healing powers. Althea Enterprise is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry. When spelled back, Althea becomes ‘Health.’

Althea Distributor is one of hundreds of active on-line sellers of Laminine, authorized by LifePharm Global Network USA. The group based its online selling in Chicago, USA. Within a few months, the Althea network immediately spread to several countries.

Althea Distributor is one of the 9-Million+ IBOs listed under LifePharm Global Network USA. As a registered company, it’s being managed by 12 Network Leaders and eight full-time staff working around the clock to serve its customers on-line, 24/7.

Althea started selling on-line in September 2013. To date, its extensive network has served or sold to more than 1,000 customers worldwide with Network IBOs from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, & the Philippines.

Team Althea Core Values

Integrity – Our attitude towards service will be dictated by strong moral values.
Honesty – We will always speak the truth about the products we sell and services we provide.
The Extra Mile – We will do our best to do more than what the customer needs.

Althea Enterprise, Chicago & Philippines Hub Offices

laminine distributor agent

Lucy So, Leader

laminine distributor agent

Crista Thelmo, Leader

laminine distributor sg

Sonia Danker, Leader

laminine distributor australia

Teresa Javier, Leader

laminine distributor usa

Bea Phoenix, Leader

laminine distributor canada

Michelle Bernales, CSR

laminine distributor usa

Diana Dimaano, CSR

laminine distributor philippines

Mhel Legaspi, CSR

laminine distributor trinidad tobago

Linda Hoyte, CSR

laminine canada

Marco Bernales, CSR

laminine distributor uk

Gerry Perez

laminine distributor

Albert Jimenez

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