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Althea provides an online and virtual product training or assistance to all our customers. If you have questions or want to know more about the product or how to earn from it, you can send us an email or leave a message below.

LPGN Product Support & Training (US & Canada)

Please call LPGN for training call schedule:
Dial-in Phone Number: 530-881-1212
Meeting ID: 266-880-933

✓ Click here for a list of ‘Dial-in Numbers’ for other countries
✓ For Althea Members, click here to send a request for a one-on-one training
✓ For Althea Members in the Philippines, please call (02)881-3005 or 0925-5338815 for training

What you need to know as a NEW IBO

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How to earn or get rebates from Laminine

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Understanding your Virtual Office

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Laminine Business Opportunity

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  1. i placed an order 19th November 2014 i am tracking the order it has still not got to me. I have chased Australia Post arrived in Australia 22nd November great.. processed
    24th November Chullora NSW
    26th Netley S.A,
    2nd December in transit from Adelaide airport?
    3rd to Marleston SA,
    5th back to Chullora NSW
    8th again processed at Chullora NSW
    Friday 12th in transit Adelaide airport Monday
    15th back at Marleston SA
    Still waiting
    We have a problem

    • Hi Victoria, sorry for the delay which is of course beyond our control. The delay is really with DHL Global due to the volume of shipment this holiday. From our experience, it takes at least 3-4 weeks for the item to be delivered to Australia (Shipping origin California USA). Things should normalize by January. You can email us your IBO or Invoice Reference & date so we can also follow it up.

  2. I joined LP in April and need a lot of help…Would like to know how to place orders to earn money…Do I order with my number or use the team member’s IBO# that’s behind me…lots of questions please help…Not good with computers that seems to be a problem too… Do I make more money if they order off my website or if I order products, at wholesale and sell it at a retail price…Have a huge order but I’ll wait for your response.

  3. Hi Althea I’m Desrene from Jamaica, im interestedin learning about the product, would love to get some training so i can market the product. I would like to know the different ways I can make money from this product.


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