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Testimony of Dr. Rena Davis

Rena Davis, MSc, CNC, Nutritionist & Biochemist Interview

The following is a transcript from an interview with Dr. Davis in 2012, with credit to Maureen Moss.

Q. In your opinion, what is essential for people to know about Laminine?

I think that falls into more than one category. It’s 100% natural; it provides all the proteins that we know about so far.

Those proteins are great workers in the body. We have life because of proteins, and to have it in a supplement naturally derived from whole food is extremely important in assisting human biochemistry in doing what it does, all the jobs sit produces for us, and all the repair the regeneration. You know, we have never really had a natural protein like this before.

We have never really had a natural protein like this before.

Q. As a scientist, how do you explain how laminine works in the body?

The mode of action (for Laminine’s FGF) is well known. There are several white papers; there’s ongoing research. The first and most important thing to me was that it assists the body with serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has an extensive effect on the body.

It’s been studied since the 1980s, and we know much about it. It (Serotonin) helps us sleep better. We regenerate in our sleep; it helps us cope with stress so that we’re not constantly beating our body to death with anxiety. That then allows us to restore PH.

PH is one of the most challenging things to regulate in the human body, and it (PH) increases our ability to cope with pain. So for me, this pain issue is huge personally, and my family or friends.

I have several people dealing with severe pain issues, and I think most people recognize that even though we have medications to assist with that, they’re not foolproof.

They have side effects, and in these more complex cases, they don’t rid the body of pain; they only allow them to function. So in overtime, it does not work well, so when we can’t deal with it.

Providing the precursors of things like neurotransmitters to the human body so that the body can increase its chemistry for coping, we’re much better off and don’t have the side effects (in Laminine), which is nice.

Q. I know you have a clinic, so how do you introduce Laminine to your patients?

We explain that this is a protein supplement that helps the body cope with stress, pain, and sleep. That it also assists the body in absorbing minerals and other nutrients, making other things in the programs we develop for them work better.

In the long run, we save money because we don’t have to do so much.

Q. When this product came on the market, and you discovered it, what did it mean for you?

Well, it was like the answer to a vision I’d had many years ago when you understood how proteins work in the body.

Then you begin to understand the magic of life, of living, and from day one, when I understood proteins, I knew the day would come when more and more of the healing arts would begin to study proteins and utilize proteins.

I didn’t think it was going to happen in my lifetime.

Dr. Rena Davis’s interview

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