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Full transcript of ‘What you need to know about Laminine’. Laminine’s welcome video.



Are you on a quest for improved health and vitality? It seems like daily we are bombarded with ads or prescription pills, nutritional supplements and statistics regarding the declining quality of health in the world. It’s enough to scare you healthy, but how do you improve your health? Imagine that there were a secret to perfect health, and all natural supplement for mental, physical and emotional health, a formula for life. Would you want to know about it? Then stay tuned because you are about to experience LAMININE.

The research started over 80 years ago, the year was 1929, it was then that Canadian Doctor John R. Davidson while doing research on the embryonic development of chickens discovered something amazing. He noticed that consistently by the 9th day of development of the embryo something happened, something dramatic. The embryo would virtually triple in size. Nature was making the journey toward healthy development inevitable.

He isolated the compound begun injecting it into the tumors of his patients, started seeing noticeable positive results and then in the midst of his research and success he passed away. And in an age before the internet, computers and hard drives, his research passed away with him, lost forever. But then, thousands of miles away and almost 50 years later, a renowned Norwegian doctor and researcher stumbles upon the same discovery. He revived the research and isolated the compound from the fertilized avian egg embryo. This research became the foundation of the proprietary formula now known as “Laminine” and the rest as they say is about to become history.

Featured on the award winning American Health Journal on PBS and now being experienced by thousands of people all across the world, Laminine has arrived. This unique proprietary formula gives the body full chain of 22 amino acids essential for cellular health. And the results are amazing.

Testimonies of LGPN Platinum Directors*

John Altshuler “there’s no way you could have told me that I could feel this much better”
Irene Savchin “I was completely healthy and my skin has improved”
Stacy Steinberg “I lost that stress belly so that was kind of nice”
Tina Johnson “my sleep is amazing”
Sharon Monet “the next level of mental clarity was phenomenal”
Randy Hewitt “once I started taking the product I didn’t really notice anything that much for first three days but that fourth day when I woke up it was like I just bounced out of bed”
Tina Johnson “I get more done in a day and most people get done in a week because of the ability to stay present and stay focused”
Emelie Watson “Within three hours, three or four hours, there’s energetic calm came across me it was like the stress just dissolved”
“I felt sharper I felt more energetic that 3 o’clock in the afternoon slump with literally gone”
Adrian Mathews “8 hours later I wake up and my mind is firing on all cylinders”

“I sleep better I feel better and I have more energy that’s huge”
“I’m not depressed because sometimes in life so many things that bothers you and now I’m very calm”
“I just felt the good sense of well-being and it was just phenomenal”

Think about it, would you like to experience relief from stress and strain, see improvement in your sleep and the appearance of your skin, increase energy and physical strength, experience a mental and emotional boost, and experience an enhanced overall sense of well-being? Then you should try Laminine.

How does Laminine work?

Like an architect who instructs workers to carry the materials and components to the section of the bridge where it is needed most, Laminine does the same in the body. Laminine seeks out the areas in the body which are in need and triggers a natural balance. And with regular use we are seeing amazing benefits such as relief from life stress and strain attributable to Laminine’s documented effect on cortisol and serotonin.

Many people also noticed tremendous results in their skin, mood and even more restful sleep, others notice dramatic increases in energy and physical strength, providing faster recovery, enhanced muscle tone and increased libido. And many people comment on mental boost including increased alertness improved focus and in overall sense of well-being.

The most amazing single discovery

Laminine is set apart from other supplements in the market because of its documented effect on cortisol. It’s true. Based on recent clinical study, it has now been shown that laminine lowers the levels of the stress hormone “Cortisol” in our bodies.

Everyone agrees stress is a major contributor of many health concerns and approximately 7 in 10 Americans report that they experience physical or non-physical symptoms of stress.

By lowering cortisol levels in our bodies, we have the ability to reduce how stress damages our health. So many different results from so many different people all across the world. It’s why Laminine is becoming the most talked-about and shared nutritional supplement on the market today and it is only available through a LifePharm Global Independent Business Owner.

Testimonies of LGPN Platinum Directors (Closing credits)

“All you have to do basically is to take the product and see for yourself”;
“Try for 30 days see for yourself and if you don’t believe in this just try it and get your money back 100%”
“I have seen hundreds of products over my 15 years of being a practitioner and nothing has ever ever done what laminine has done for them for any of our patients.
That’s the part by the way that marketing Laminine, it just sound too good to be true you know but If you have the experience that I have, you might feel the same way.
This does more thing to more people in a short amount of time and everything will be resolved.
It’s a product that every household somebody in the household needs it.
Everybody is going to experience something at some point at this day on.
It is hard to believe until one takes it.
I don’t have to know how it works, it just works.
If I had one product to choose, Laminine would be in.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person. If you have concerns, please consult your physician.