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Testimony of Golf (Unexplained Back Pain, Tumor, & Glaucoma)

Testimonial on an unexplained Back Pain, Tumor, & Glaucoma*


Transcript: My name is Golf I’m a personal trainer and I’m twenty.
The reason why I did get laminine was my mom got a car accident a year ago and she’s been experiencing back pain for a year and a half. she did this massage thing and she hurt her back and she was in the hospital for three days on morphine for all three days. I don’t know what to do I thought I was gonna loose my mom and Maggie has became a great friend of mine introduced it to me and I said whatever coz all other people try to push me to try their product and said this is the best so I can recommend it to my clients and other gym instructors.

When my mom came home after the three days in the hospital the doctor said she has a tumor in her back I just sat then I cried and cried coz I didn’t know what to do and the first person that came into my mind was Maggie when she spoke about laminine and I said Maggie how can I get the stuff, I read everything I could on Maggie how can I get the stuff she was “I already made you the website golf just go out it and I was like OK.

So I ordered it Maggie came and said take the boxes I went to her house and she said take them and she goes send it to my house and just like I met you a week ago she would just take the boxes I didn’t have to pay anything for she really gave it to me and I said mom please take this I believe if it does help it does if it not what is there to loose and I started taking it two weeks later I noticed about myself was I was so much more energetic my hair was growing faster my nails are getting harder but then three weeks later my mom was my mom again.

She told me “Golf I don’t have anymore back pain” and she went to the doctor and she came back and she said the tumor its, you can’t barely see it. and I’ve just been sharing about this product its just so natural for me because I would do anything for my mother and she would do anything for me and this business had grown so rapid for me and all I’ve been doing is just sharing, my little brother called his teacher about it, he came to the restaurant I was like this is what laminine is I just explained the avian egg the 22 essential Amino Acids I walked back to the kitchen I came out, three tables, what is that? can I have your website? I’m like wow!

I’ve been in five different MMO’s and they’re promising all these dreams all these stuff but everything is so superficial but this thing is like from who I am from your core value you know this stuff is helping people in such a way that I’m so moved, touched and inspired to share this with all of you guys because the reason why I got laminine was for my mother not for me not for money not for anything else.

The tumor was barely there his brother also took Laminine, before taking Laminine he’s already gone to 6 surgeries but never have the high eye pressure (intra-ocular pressure or IOP) to go down. a week after taking Laminine they went back to the doctor and was surprised that his eye pressure was normal.

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