Testimony on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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He was given one year to live but 5 years later, he’s still healthy

Bong was initially diagnosed with asthma. Medications did not help and was told it progressed to emphysema in 2012. Almost a year later, he could barely walk, breathe, and was really having difficulty. Moving to another hospital in Imus, Cavite, he was diagnosed with late stage COPD, stage 4.

With a late stage diagnosis, his own Doctor advised him to prepare for what was statistically imminent. He was given one year to live. Bong did not give up and asked his Doctor if he can take herbal medicines or food supplements, he was discouraged to do this and warned, it will shorten his chances of surviving for one year and may die in three months if he takes herbal medication.

He refused what statistics says

laminine testimony copd
Bong refused to believe he will die and came across the “Be Alive” Laminine show. He consulted with Dr. Rhea Magalona, Laminine’s resident Doctor and was advised to take 15 capsules per day, but due to financial constraints, Bong took 6 capsules.

He also relayed that his Doctor warned him not to take any supplements, to which Dr. Magalona qualified that Laminine is not an herbal supplement, but a special protein (amino acids) that works well with human cells.

Dark sputum being expelled

Bong had to be carried around, he could not turn his back and had difficulty speaking. In the first week of taking the supplement, he felt worst and in the succeeding days began to spit very dark sputum. His body began to detoxify by expelling these substances out of the body that took about 4 weeks. After 90 days, he was able to slowly walk.

laminine testimony COPD
Bong came back to his Doctor the next year and could not believe Bong, who he said would last only a year, recovered. Asked what happened, Bong said he took Laminine. We called Bong in 2017 and by God’s miracle, he remains healthy and continues to take 4 capsules of Laminine plus one capsule of Laminine Omega+++.

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