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Testimony on Creatinine

Laminine testimony on high creatine

Laminine on kidney: Male with high Creatinine Range

A male patient in his thirties presented with kidney-related issues, exhibiting unfavorable laboratory results, notably elevated creatinine levels.

The standard range for kidney protein is typically between 62 and 106; however, his creatinine level was alarmingly high at 239.

Elevated serum creatinine levels generally indicate compromised kidney function, which may progress to kidney failure.

Dr. Rhea Megabilen recommended the introduction of Laminine, with a prescribed dosage of six capsules per day. After approximately three weeks, a subsequent test revealed a noteworthy improvement in the patient’s condition:

HbA1c: 13.7 down to 10.6
BUN: 10:3 down to 6.4
Creatinine: 239 down to 153

Results may vary

Prevention is crucial in managing illnesses. A young woman advised for a kidney transplant chose to try Laminine instead.

After taking four capsules per day for three months, her condition improved significantly. She remained healthy for two years until she stopped taking it, and unfortunately, her illness returned.

Effects of Laminine on kidney disease or CKD.

Actual comparative results of an Asian male, 30 years old. The blood works were about six weeks apart. Laminine is a food supplement that helps repair damaged cells by activating stem cells in the body. It increases telomerase activities allowing the regeneration of telomere caps.
Laminine Kidney Creatinine level testimony. Translated from Tagalog to English.

Lower Creatinine Levels and Hemoglobin

The customer conveyed via text message the following information: “Over the past three years, my creatinine level has consistently averaged around 500 during dialysis sessions.

However, today’s reading shows a notable decrease to 503.88. This occurrence is akin to a miraculous answer to prayer, as the creatinine level plummeted to 132. Additionally, the hemoglobin level was measured at 12.”

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