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Laminine Promotes Homeostasis Balance

Anti-aging health benefits of Laminine through internal balance

Homeostasis is the ability of our body to naturally maintain the internal balance between our cells, nerve system, and body organs. Laminine creates a state of balance or normalization by restoring the body to its natural state of internal equilibrium.

There are hundreds even thousands of health and food supplements today that claims can heal nearly all types of sickness and diseases. While it is true that there is no “single cure for all”, Laminine is truly a unique differentiated formula. Laminine is not intended as a cure for cancer or other ailments. When users claim recovery, we can perhaps refer to these benefits as its by-product. We say this because the main intent of Laminine’s powerful ingredients is to promote homeostasis. We are often asked the obvious question, what does Laminine do or if Laminine can heal or cure ailments, the answer is quite simple – it restores our balance.

Laminine’s growing reputation for being able to heal a myriad of sickness and diseases has been reported through various testimonials in the Philippines, where it was first cascaded. Laminine is not an herb or fruit extract that largely benefits a particular area in our body. Instead, Laminine’s prime ingredient is the patented extract – FGF or FibroBlast Growth Factor found in a 9th-day old avian egg. The job of this powerful extract is to “direct” the stem cells in our body so it can repair our cells, body tissue and in turn, heal organs in our body.

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1. Promotes a Peaceful Mind

Laminine is a natural “Adaptogens” or plants that claim decreases cellular sensitivity to stress. Laminine has studies that have shown to promote Serotonin levels. Serotonin is known to regulate aging, learning, and memory, but it also helps us sleep better. Seemingly, FGF raises serotonin levels which are naturally found in our brains, to begin with. Serotonin helps balance moods but the much-needed application, of course, is better sleep. Try Laminine as an anti-depressant supplement instead of taking store-bought drugs.

brain nerveFGF raises serotonin levels which is naturally found in our brains.

Laminine utilizes its ingredient FGF (FibroBlast Growth Factor) and Laminin to balance the imbalance in our brain which explains why Laminine removes stress, calms our mind and promote a good mood. You can read more about the role of FGF in our brain at The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health, who provides access to biomedical and genomic information.

2. Promotes Stamina and Longevity

Laminine down regulates pain receptors in the body, seniors and elderly who suffers from debilitating sicknesses such as arthritis, gout or diabetes complication get to regain their stamina at their age level. With proper exercise and diet, the elderly significantly adds years to their life.

laminine Alzheimer Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) was studied as treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, Laminine stimulates DHEA.

Laminine also increases alertness, which is more of a chemical function in the brain that degenerates in aging. If the right “boost” of amino acids is infused in an aging body, the cell regenerates not just in the body but as well as in the brain – which in turn gives elderly the ability to focus again and regain proper intelligence.

The positive effects of Laminine in our body include these basic precepts which are to reduce signs of aging, builds collagen for healthier looking skin and hair, stimulate our natural DHEA to reduce physical and mental stress.

3. Promotes Sexual Enhancement

Statistics of sexual dysfunction particularly among men is estimated to affect 10 to 15 percent in the adult population. The base ingredient of Laminine, YTE or “Young Tissue Extract” has shown a positive effect on sexual desire in both genders. What YTE does is to increases sexual desire by normalizing testosterone levels of production. Testosterone is a major male sex hormone. This hormone has the most powerful effect on sexual desire in both men and women.

According to Dr. Bjødne Eskeland who discovered YTE, a dosage of 1.68 grams (1,680mg) per day of YTE (in two divided doses) for the first two weeks is recommended for sexual health. After two weeks, the dose would be reduced to a single serving of 840 mg per day. Dr. Eskeland further said that those who take Laminine can experience an increase in the desire to engage in sexual activity, increased the ability to reach orgasm and enhance it.

laminine Alzheimer Lowers Cortisol: The extract promotes a relaxation effect that attributes to an decrease in stress hormone cortisol.

The stress or libido relationship is predictably tied to cortisol levels as well as chemicals from the brain – endorphins. Elevated cortisol among men signals the body to reduce its production of pre-hormone thus lowering the drive for sexual activity. When men or women are stressed, blood is being channeled to places where it can provide the most comfort such as arms or legs, not private parts. When levels of cortisol are decreased, we become more relaxed and happy.

Endorphins or this feel-good chemical are released by the brain, and the effect is a truly happy feeling – which in turn affects man’s sexual drive.

4. Promotes Sports Nutrition

Creatine is an energy, a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in our body, particularly concentrated in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Creatine helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. Many body builders even take a concentrated form of Creatine in their diet or as a supplement. Athletic performance improves when the muscles receive higher levels of creatinine phosphate.

According to the studies of Dr. Bjødne Eskeland, it appears that creatinine and the egg protein fractions that compose YTE reinforce each other, thus resulting in a distinguishable increase in efficacy. Body builders and athletes experience greater benefits when adding YTE to their diet. The advantages of making YTE as supplement include a delay in lactic acid production, the ability to tolerate longer training sessions, increased muscular strength which includes better muscle tone, faster recovery after a training session and an overall improved stamina.

laminine Alzheimer Creatine & egg protein fractions reinforce each other, resulting in a distinguishable increase in efficacy

Laminine also increases our physical strength that is why Laminine is ideal for an athlete in need of natural energy and empowerment. It increases our mental and emotional strength, dredging and eliminating depression or stress which is actually caused by chemical imbalance in our brain. Laminine food supplement brings back this balance.

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