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Please go to this website for Laminine and Lamiderm distributors in Singapore.

Laminine Singapore (Malaysia & Indonesia)

Laminine does not currently have a business office in Singapore. You can order Laminine through our Independent Distributor based from another country or buy it online using Malaysia as country of registration, but Singapore as shipping destination.

If you do not wish to pass through the Malaysia office, you can contact us so we can arrange a paypal payment. We can only sell to users and membership is currently not an option. Should Laminine open in Singapore, “Direct Delivery” will be available and your account can be migrated after.


Laminine price in Singapore is approximately US$160 (Activation Pack, 3 Boxes or 90 Capsules). Price may change, depending on the dollar exchange or mode of payment. You have an option to pay through Western Union or PayPal (additional surcharge applies).


Orders are currently being placed through Laminine – Philippines, delivery is 5 working days through EMS, with tracking number. If you have a relative or contact in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, we can make an arrangement for free delivery in this country. Your contact in turn will send to you the product.

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